I’ve created this site to see whether we can get some conversations going that inspire both our learning and our assignment content. 


Here are some thoughts from today’s King Lear session:


1.”Every human being is a king until they are told they are not; and every king is a beggar in waiting.” I’d love some responses to this.  Seneca has a response: “Every king springs from a race of slaves, and every slave has had kings among his ancestors.”


   2. We talked today about Lear and the heath – the heath is not just a place but a state of being: and being “on the heath” evokes the all-too-human experience of being abandoned and  ostracized. 


3. How do we human beings carry our legacies – where we were born and to whom; what we were given from birth, what we were denied; how we carry that legacy in our experiences of life?


4. Lear is a king who has everything – but when he hears death knocking at the door, he realizes that the only thing he can take with him is love. Yet he doesn’t know how to ask for it. 

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