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Ruth Huard

On Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022, the Study Abroad & Away office at the College of Professional & Global Education (CPGE) will participate in the SJSU crowdfunding program to raise $10,000 for our new scholarship fund named after our beloved former Dean, Dr. Ruth Huard. Fiscally administered by the SJSU Tower Foundation, the fund will support equity-focused Study Abroad & Away scholarships and programming needs for our students.

Your tax deductible* donation will support these priorities:

  1. Equity & Inclusion Scholarships:We plan to offer scholarships to incentivize historically underrepresented minority students to participate in any of our 350+ study abroad program opportunities around the world. We especially want to help offset some of the expenses that are often required, but are either prohibited by their financial aid assistance or before aid is applied including required program or housing abroad deposits, student visa, international insurance coverage, and others.
  2. Global Ambassadors Leadership Development: As we recover from the pandemic which greatly impacted global education, we are preparing to launch a new Global Ambassador leadership development program for current and former study abroad students to engage in the internationalization goals of the university.
  3. DACA Students Abroad: We want to level the playing fields for DACA students who have an additional required $575 filing fees for the UCSC Form I-131: Application for Travel Documents, which enables them to participate in international education programs and be able to return to the US.

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