May, Linda (Accounts Payable) is Stepping Beyond


“Linda is such a wonderful worker.  Everyday she takes on the responsibility for making sure our vouchers have fed over from FTS into CFS.  She does this without being asked or told.  Because of her amazing dedication to our group, this has saved us time and time again from having to do research why a voucher hasn’t fed into our system.  I wanted to recognize her for her help to this and for Stepping Beyond to make our department run smooth.” –Kim Gamblin


Medeiros, Eric is Stepping Beyond


“Eric is a great student leader and he is very involved in various student organizations. He’s involved in the Jewish community organizations on campus and has also been a participant in several of the SJSU Choirs. Eric is always willing to help a fellow Spartan. He’s a great example of a Spartan stepping beyond!” — Anonymous


Tejada, Alex (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond


“Alex is a team player. He is always there to support our  huge department. If staff ever needs anything, he promptly processes the order. He is always THERE to help physically and emotionally. He listens well and a definitely friend. He goes beyond his job duties. He always the first one to volunteer to help. He is a role model. ” –Jackie Nguyen


Nguyen, Leon (Information Support Services) is Stepping Beyond


“Leon always goes above and beyond when I need help.  He has stopped what he was doing and come to my aid with system issues.  I wanted to thank him for his hard work and efforts he provides me.  He is one of the many reasons our campus runs smoothly every day.” — Kim Gamblin