Message about the 2013 Campus Holiday Closure


2013 Campus Holiday Closure

As announced earlier this year when the 2013 Holiday Calendar ( was distributed, the campus will be closed from December 25, 2013 through January 1, 2014. During this period there is one day, December 31, that is not covered by holidays occurring during that time or moved from earlier in the year.
Collective bargaining agreements indicate that employees shall be permitted to use Vacation, CTO, or Personal Holiday when the President closes the campus and there are insufficient holidays to cover the closure. You should work with your manager on how you will use your leave to cover this day.

Non-Exempt Bargaining Unit Employees
If you do not have enough Vacation or CTO and have already used your Personal Holiday, or if you wish to save your leave for a later date, you may choose to be docked. However, if you do not have a enough leave you may also coordinate overtime work with your manager in order to accumulate adequate CTO to cover the closure day.

Exempt Bargaining Unit Employees (other than 12-month Faculty)
If you wish to save your leave for a later date, you will be required to work on the closure day. You must make your intention known to your manager prior to the closure so that he or she can ensure that the assigned work has been completed.

MPPs and 12-month Faculty
You are required to use leave for this date.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Human Resources at 408.924.2250.

–Shawn Bibb