Zehm, Adam (Student) is Stepping Beyond

Creates Zoom study sessions and guides to help every accounting student.”


He is the one that always hosting review sessions before our exams and go beyond to help other students to understand materials.”


He helps his classmates a lot.”

-Shauang Peng

He actually hosts study sessions for multiple sections in our Bus121-B class. He uses his tutoring skills to help anyone who has questions, and goes far above what is expected of a classmate or student to help everyone learn the material.”

-Matthew Brown

Villena, Justin (University Library) is Stepping Beyond

“Justin is a pleasure to work with and is one of the unsung heroes on campus. He’s very knowledgeable with technology and live-streaming, and is always willing to help out and share his expertise. He’s helped me out with tech issues several times in recent months. On top of everything else, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

-Eric Harding

Williams, Kamryn (University Marketing and Communications) is Stepping Beyond

“Kamryn is the person behind the scenes who makes University Marketing and Communications operate. She is the one who coordinates all of our important meetings, handles administrative work for student workers and makes purchases when we need it. She keeps everyone in line, and ensures we’re handling our responsibilities the correct way. ”

– Eric Harding