Rawls, Castelle (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“I had some challenges with several of my paychecks when I first started here at SJSU. Some of it was due to my own error in filling out my paperwork, and some of it was related to other matters. In both cases Castelle responded quickly and empathetically. She made it clear that she understood how important it is for someone to have their pay sorted out, and took action. I really felt heard and supported, and I appreciate her for that. Thank you, Castelle for making the complicated and difficult easier to understand, and for going above and beyond.”

– Shonda Goward

Maciel, Rodney (Instructional & Meeting Spaces) and Vo, Danny (Instructional & Meeting Spaces) are Stepping Beyond

“Rod and Danny have been working hard to get the classrooms ready for in-person classes. Though faced with a number of challenges, including backordered equipment, they are diligently and cheerfully addressing each issue one by one to ensure we have access to functioning tech in our classrooms. They are also kind and patient and took the time to show me how to work all the equipment I needed in my classroom; they even gave me workarounds for the equipment still in need of repair so I know what to do while we wait for the parts! Thanks so much Danny and Rod for your dedication and commitment to meeting the IT needs of our campus and for stepping above and beyond to help seasoned profs, but novice techies, like myself!”

– Jessica Chin