Sarah Arreola (Lurie College of Education) is Stepping Beyond

This Spartan is consistently a team player, collaborator, and non-judgmental staff who always gets creative, solution-oriented, and student-centered and mindful of faculty and department chair workload. Over 4 years and myriad departmental issues to address, I could not have done my job as department chair without her steady counsel and prompt assistance. A rockstar colleague!!”

-Nidhi Mahendra

Rugeley-Valle (Associated Students) is Stepping Beyond

“Mr. Rugeley(-Valle) since he has joined Associated Students has gone above and beyond his duties as the Government Administrative Assistant and now the Leadership and Government Coordinator. He continues to always provide an open ear and mind to all students with any concerns no matter the time of day. Mr. Rugeley(-Valle) makes time and room for students of all backgrounds and confirms their voice, identity, and needs. He immediately puts every student first and goes out of his way to make sure every student he encounters has the resources they need to succeed in higher education and in life post-grad. His leadership has been seen by inside and outside partners resulting in NASPA awarding him the Outstanding Leadership in Student Government award for the 2022-2023 academic year. Mr. Rugeley(-Valle) is beyond a doubt a treasure to the SJSU students and the community.”


Malott, Paige (Student) is Stepping Beyond

Paige helped guide the writing process during several classes in the MSTM course. She would assist multiple students with editing and critiquing their projects, all while completing hers. She offered advice to other students when enrolled as a student, and after becoming a staff member. She is a great team leader for group projects because her organizational skills are top tier. I learned a substantial amount from her tutoring, and wouldn’t have done as well without her help.”

-Christopher Mcgee