Nguyen, Nha-Nghi (Psychology) is Stepping Beyond

“Nha-Nghi has done so much to juggle so many tasks for our department in these tumultuous times, with many things changing with class procedures, budgetary processes, and other processes that can be hard for faculty to track while keeping up with our other duties. Recently, she helped me navigate reimbursement for non-refundable expenses for a conference I couldn’t attend due to catching COVID. She was also instrumental in problem-solving when I was assigned to a classroom that could not meet the educational needs of my students. She is a great help in problem solving when challenges come up.”

– Anonymous

“This is a difficult question to answer because Nha-Nghi always goes above and beyond. Nha-Nghi, is the source for all important information in the psychology department. Because of this, her time is always in high demand. Nha-Nghi never fails to find time to answer questions and to do so in the most kind way possible. Nha-Nghi is a true asset to our department.”

– Jill Citron

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