Harnlasiri, Chandra (Undergraduate Education) is Stepping Beyond

“During the last 5 months, Chandra Harnlasiri dedicated a significant part of her work schedule to organizing Cool Solutions for a Warming Planet: A Climate Change and Sustainability Fair. She developed and managed a budget, created a wonderful website, drafted and sent invitations to potential participating organizations, ordered tables, chairs and umbrellas for the Paseo, organized volunteers, worked with the DJ on the playlist for the day, and sent individual instructions to each participant about what to do on the day of the event and so much more. She thought of very detail. On the day of the fair she came to work at 6:30 AM and spent the day ensuring every aspect of the fair ran smoothly. The event was AMAZING. Hundreds of SJSU students, staff and faculty benefitted from attending this event. It ran so smoothly thanks to Chandra’s attention to detail. This was the first major SJSU event that Chandra has ever organized and she nailed it!! She definitely stepped beyond.”

– Thalia Anagnos

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