Trisnadi, Airi (Student) is Stepping Beyond

“Airi is my co-worker as well as a friend of mine. We had a couple of classes together and that is how I met her. I have known her since she was a freshman and although she was new to SJSU, I could tell that she has the spirit to learn new things. I love her work ethic and her attitude. One day she reached out to me asking about my experiences in student organizations and the things that I do as a college student. Fast forward, she now works with me on campus and she is also one of the board members of a student organization I am a part of. I am so happy that she has been able to step up and I am so grateful to have her both as a friend and as a co-worker as she always gets things done on time, is willing to ask questions, is proactive, and knows her responsibility.”

– Patricia Angelica

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