Bolaños, Anthony (E-Campus) is Stepping Beyond

“Anthony Bolaños has been an invaluable member of the team that is implementing our new SJSU Accessible Syllabus Template. He has been incredibly supportive and patient. Implementing a new software platform inevitably produces glitches, which can be frustrating. Anthony doesn’t let that get him down; he just powers on. Anthony has such a positive can-do attitude. He has volunteered to do an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes set up that has dramatically moved the project forward. Thank you Anthony for being central to the implementation of this new syllabus platform that will streamline processes for faculty, and provide beautiful accessible syllabi for our students.”

– Thalia Anagnos

“Beginning this spring, Anthony took on a new project. As part of this project, he had the opportunity to broaden his technical skills and expand on his interpersonal skills. This was a large software roll-out, and he has continued to showcase leadership and guidance with the many different campus colleagues he has interacted with.”

– Jennifer Redd


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