Kratochvil, Kathie Dr. (Film and Theatre) is Stepping Beyond

“Dr. Kratochvil mentored faculty who had never used Canvas during the Spring move online. She worked over the summer to get myself and at least 2 other faculty ready for Fall by literally setting up the Canvas module structure and helping us understand how to fill in our own content in a step by step and one to one process. As a theatre faculty member she had a comprehension of what the difficulties were for those of us teaching hands on arts based courses. Her training over the past 10 years in online learning and her understanding of theatre artists and how we work made her the ideal person to bring us into a better understanding and capability in working within the confines of Canvas. Most importantly she continued her support while she and her family were evacuated during the fires and waiting(as many faculty, staff, students did) to see if she even had a home to return to. She is an asset to the University, our department, faculty, students and an inspiration to me as an instructor of what teaching really means.” –Cassandra Carpenter

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