Pyrch, Michael (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Michael has stepped well above and beyond, in fact as far as I’m concerned he went all the way to the moon and stars!! Michael was instrumental in getting on to our website all of the EEP information. I want to especially highlight his work with the EEP application. He was able to pull together the application for us in an extremely short amount of time. I am grateful for his knowledge, ideas, suggestions, and applaud his positive attitude, even after our 101 changes to the form. He was extremely responsive to all of my emails, chats, zoom meetings, and phone calls – even when they were before 8, after 5 and even on a Saturday! It was a pleasure working with Michael and I cannot thank him enough!!” –Stacey Elsibai

“Mike did an incredible job prepping the forms, docs, and web pages for the Early Exit Program, and did so in a short timeframe. His ability to dig in and get things done, without any grumbling I might add, ensured that the information was ready for those who needed it.” –Anonymous

“Due to the Covid-19 situation, several new leaves were implemented each with their own unique forms which needed to be converted to a user friendly DocuSign link to put on the UP website. Not only did Mike take care of these requests in a timely manner during what was already a very busy time for him, he also made several suggestions and improvements to the forms making them easier for the employees to complete which in turn made the entire process much more efficient for myself. Mike is a huge asset to UP and in my experience he always goes above and beyond while maintaining a positive and helpful attitude. I honestly could not have gotten through this challenging time without his help.” –Josh Etherington

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