Wood, Darcel (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond

“Upon returning to work on January 2, 2020 from the winter break, the Office of the Registrar faced Fall 2019 grade and end of term processing, start of the Winter term and continued registration for Winter, as well as Spring 2020 registration. On January 23, Spring 2020 classes began, so we then had to maintain our processing workload while managing a very busy counter in the Student Services Center. January was an extremely busy month in our office, as we managed everything all of this with three less trained staff and another staff on leave. Darcel worked diligently to keep our registration processes running smoothly while maintaining coverage of our service counter. She delegated work, trained our three new staff on counter processes, and kept everything running in a timely manner. Darcel was pivotal in keeping our daily processes going without us incurring a huge backlog of work. Darcel went above and beyond to help our students as well as her team during this very trying time.” –Joni Talley

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