Pedro, Lolita (UPD Administrative Services) is Stepping Beyond

It is only my fourth day, but I feel like I know my colleagues for years. She is super sweet, very caring, friendly and has great patience for me. She is so caring, even if I would go out, she would ask me to carry my jacket because it is too cold; only mom and loved ones act like this. She would make sure my computer is not too high so it doesn’t hurt my neck or back. Seriously, who does all this for a new employee, whom she barely knows. I really feel blessed to be working with Lolita and the rest of my UPD members. They make me feel like I am home. I Truly appreciate everyone’s effort, especially Lolita. Thank you Lolita for your care and love. I’m truly blessed to be working with you. This is a great start at SJSU. Love you, UPD.” –Mittal Kumar

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