Woodley, Lea (Peer Connections) is Stepping Beyond

“Lea has taken her efforts above and beyond in her academic career and in her work. I am consistently inspired by Lea’s willingness to support students and dedicate herself to a lifelong journey of lifting our communities up. Lea works for the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center for the program, Strive for College, where she works to create curriculum and make a college-going culture for high school students. She also works for Peer Connections where she is an embedded tutor in CHAD 60. By being accessible, she aligns her life goals to be a high school counselor we all wish we had. With her work, she has done plenty and we should be just as excited for what is in store for Lea. Lea has taken initiative to utilize research opportunities with children, which will have great benefits to our understanding of children and what they learn, to help understand better teaching strategies. Lea uses her knowledge and passion to uplift those around her, and should immediately be recognized. With a full plate, Lea consistently seeks opportunities to tackle social justice issues, and has created a segment of Strive to raise awareness of issues, as well as allowing students to get involved. I think her work is incredible; she sets the standard of a stellar student and person.” — Anonymous

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