Chander, Harish (Enterprise Systems) is Stepping Beyond

“Harish has gone above and beyond in assisting the Finance & Business Services team with integration for our PaymentWorks Project. Harish was added to the project late in the game, yet quickly came up to speed and has been instrumental in communicating requirements between both the supplier and the Chancellor’s Office. A great deal of this project’s success is credited to Harish’s efforts – we truly appreciate it!”
–Shauna Rios

“We were scheduled to hold a training for Academic Processing, and one of the elements of the training is hands on training using a search function in PeopleSoft. We noticed in the development environment the system was giving an error for this important function we were about to train users how to use. We asked Harish to look into the error, and the same day he was able to diagnose and fix the error. We were able to train the new users how to use the search function, without having to resort to just showing the trainees in another system. It is always better to have the new users try it. Harish has many other times helped us out, but this was the most recent. He stepped beyond making our training session more effective.”
–Ken Guzzetta

Harish stepped beyond by pursuing an issue we’ve been having with our SJSU @ Work system where somehow the system was generating a blank record causing he system that transfers data from the CS system to the HR system to fail. During new student application loading, this was something HRIS would have to check constantly. By pursuing a fix and being persistent, he was able to provide a root cause of what was causing the erroneous transactions to be created and provided the process to reproduce the transactions that were being created to the Chancellor’s office. Recently the fix for this was implemented in a Maintenance Pack for our Peoplesoft system. By not having to watch the queues anymore, SJSU will have a more productive HRIS team and we can concentrate our efforts on higher value tasks. Thank you Harish!
–Ken Guzzetta


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