Elrod, Roger (Student Health Center) is Stepping Beyond

“In addition to his day job (and now serving as an AVP) Roger has worked tirelessly for 8 plus years to see the building of the new Student Wellness Center thru the many phases required of a project of such magnitude. This project ran into many challenges including financing, staff turnovers, occupancy decisions, changing construction and architecture firms, even a site relocation, to say nothing of the design obstacles – along with about 610,000+ other decisions! Roger has adeptly navigated each hurdle, always championing for what is best for our students while collaborating with many stakeholders. He has spent thousands of hours on making the SWC a great space, including many late nights and most weekends. He richly deserves recognition for his central role in making the new SWC a reality- one that with enrich the lives of students for many years to come.” –Laurie Morgan

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