Report from SJSU’S Task Force on Community Safety and Policing

Today, I am pleased to share the Report and Recommendations from the Task Force on Community Safety and Policing. It is a comprehensive and thoughtful work, one that provides an important framework for addressing critical issues of campus safety and policing.

Reflections on the past year’s fight against systemic racism

by Dr. Mary A. Papazian I write today to reflect on the progress our campus has made this past year to combat systemic racism at SJSU and to look ahead to the work that remains. Just over a year ago, prompted by George Floyd’s heinous killing and the national conversation that ensued about racial inequities in law […]

Reflections on the Chauvin trial verdict

Many of us have just heard the news about the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. Though we have waited anxiously for a significant jury verdict many times before, today’s outcome was different. In this trial and for each count, Derek Chauvin was found guilty. For many of us, this moment is a relief but also bittersweet.