Decision letter from the WSCUC Accreditation Reaffirmation process

Dear campus community,

I write to inform you of the decision letter from the WSCUC Accreditation Reaffirmation process which can be found here on our website. The commission has reaccredited San José State for six years through the spring of 2028 and is requiring a visit in the spring of 2025. I am anxious and excited to get to work addressing the recommendations of the Review Team and Commission. I am also exceptionally proud of the commendations made in recognition of the good work done at San José State in support of our core mission.

The Review Team and Commission recognized that we “addressed the three Core Commitments and successfully completed the two-stage institutional review process conducted under the 2013 Accreditation.” Additionally, the Review Team and Commission commended us for:

  • Clear commitment of the entire SJSU community to their students, for whom higher education provides transformational opportunities.
  • The widely embraced Transformation 2030 Strategic Plan, which serves as a bridge and set of guideposts for continuing progress during a period of unforeseen leadership transition.
  • Commitment to the local community and region including the development of industry partnerships and distance education programs across Silicon Valley, and their positive impacts on the local and regional workforce.
  • The integration of campus planning with the city in the development of the downtown district of San Jose.
  • The resilience of the SJSU staff and their commitment to serving the mission of the institution.
  • The effective training for faculty through the Center for Faculty Development as evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic and now continuing with enhanced pedagogy.
  • Commitment to the safety of the campus community evidenced through substantial investments in Title IX and related programs.

These commendations give me great pride as they represent what we are as a University, one committed to the success of our tremendous students, one committed to the success of our region and proud of our role as Silicon Valley’s Public University, one committed to and proud of the success of our talented and dedicated staff and faculty, and one committed to fostering and developing a safe and inclusive campus culture.

The Commission and Review Team also list several requirements that we must address in the next three years. We are committed to reviewing, discussing widely, learning from, and improving from the recommendations and doing so in an inclusive manner consistent with shared governance. In particular, we are committed to:

  • A thorough review of campus climate with the goal to identify concrete strategies to improve the climate within which we all work and our students learn;
  • A comprehensive discussion related to shared governance with the goal of identifying ways to improve consultation with all stakeholders on campus;
  • Making the elimination of equity gaps and the promotion of DEI and equitable student outcomes the top priority for the University;
  • Integrating learning outcomes into a more strategic and inclusive planning process with leadership at all levels, faculty, staff, administration, curriculum committees, and assessment coordinators;
  • Assessing the ability of institutional research to effect positive change across the institution and focus institutional research efforts to sustainably support student academic success throughout the institution; and
  • Conducting a critical review of the Moss Landing Consortium.

The California State University is committed to the requirements of:

  • Recruiting and retaining a chief executive officer to provide effective leadership and promote and ensure stability; and
  • The CSU Board of Trustees will exercise appropriate engagement with San José State University over institutional integrity, policies, stability of leadership, and accreditation.

We will be a stronger university as a result of this process and I look forward to initiating it immediately.

We have work to do. We have reflection to undertake. And we have improvements to make. We will be an even stronger University as a result and I am proud to lead you through it.


Steve Perez
Interim President