Calling in Sick

We wanted to remind OA’s of the process for calling in sick to your shift ahead of your scheduled shift and during your shift.

  • Prior to your scheduled shift: If you begin to feel sick, please notify the Community Desk Team via email to the with a subject line of Sick. DO NOT put in a drop/swap request as sick time is considered different. Unauthorized swaps of shifts outside of When I Work or supervisor approval could result in a dismissal of the OA position.
  • During your shift: If you begin to feel sick and need to leave your shift, notify the Community Desk Team. If you do not clock out of your shift, this will be considered a no show and could result in a dismissal of the OA position.

If your sickness lasts beyond 72 hours please provide medical documentation. The documentation should include the employee’s name, the date and time the employee was seen, and if applicable, a specific instruction regarding the employee’s incapacity to perform his or her job.




We have been seeing a lot of drop/swaps without a reason provided.  Here are some reminders to follow when requesting a Drops/Swap:

  • Submitted 48 hours in advance from the shift requesting to drop
  • Put in a Reason for the request
    • Requests will not be approved without a reason
  • Needs to be accepted by another student
    • Requests not accepted are still the responsibility of the student assigned to the shift.  Failure to show up for the shift will result in a no show
  • Requests will be processed/approved during UHS business hours (requested submitted over the weekend will not be approved)
    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Unauthorized swaps outside of When I Work could result in disciplinary action i.e. loss of hours

Attendance (Tardy)

Starting November 25, 2019, we will be monitoring attendance more closely and start sending out warning letters when attendance expectations are not met. As a reminder, any clock in past your designated shift time is a TARDY.  Below is the policy:


  • 5 minutes late = tardy
  • 3 tardies = No Show
  • 15 or more minutes late without communication to covering OA = No Show
  • 1 No Show = Written Warning from RLC (may include follow-up meeting)
  • 2 No Shows = OA may be terminated, this means loss of OA position
  • As stated earlier, the desks are not intended to close (24/7 coverage).  Failure to make scheduled shifts (especially with no communication) will not be tolerated

For questions regarding this policy, please review the UHS Front Desk Manual.