Availability Opening for April Scheduling

Availability will be opening for all OAs from March 6, 2020 @9:00AM – March 9, 2020 @9:00AM.

Please make sure you update your availability during this period, failure to do so can result in a meeting with the Community Desk Specialist.

Authorization to work overtime (up to 40 hours) During Spring Break

This year Spring Break will be from March 27 – April 5.

As a reminder the 3 options for Spring Break Work Time this semester were 

March 27 – March 31, April 1 – April 5, or to work the entire break.

In addition, during Spring Break OAs are able to work up to 40 hours a week. This was communicated in the email which announced your March Shift hours.  The FDT will not be approving any drop request for hours less than 40.

Please reference the Spring 2020 Training Presentation for more information.

No Show Desk Coverage Protocol

Please do not leave the desk unattended until at least one person arrives for the next scheduled shift, we do expect to have 2 people at each desk during each shift however, sometimes that is not the case.  If the next scheduled OA(s) donot arrive and there will be no one at the desk, contact the nearest OA Front Desk(s) and request one of their staff come relieve you of the position. Below is a chart of desks you should call by community.

If your replacement staff member(s) do not arrive then contact the RA on Duty and request them to relieve you of the position.

You are REQUIRED to email the Front Desk Team when you have to stay late to cover a shift, indicating the date, shift which the other staff did not show up for, and name of staff member which did not show up.

If moved to another desk please email the FDT to let us know of your new desk assignment.

Building 1st Call 2nd Call 3rd Call

Summer OA Interest

The UHS team is working to determine working opportunities for students during Summer Break. Only a few of our desks stay open over Summer break in the Apartments community. This year, we want to open this opportunity to work over summer break to all OA’s.

In doing so we created this Google form to get a feeling of OA availability and desire to work over the break. The expectations remain the same regarding overnight availability as the Courtesy Desks will operate on a 24 hours basis. Remember, you’ll need two (2) SUN-THU, 10PM-10AM overnights and one (1) weekend, FRI-SAT 10PM-10AM.

Summer Break schedule will kick in on May 23, 2020 and it’ll go all the way through August 11, 2020. With classes being out of session, students are allowed to work 40 hours a week! Our expectation is that students will be committed to work as close to 40 hours as possible. Additionally, shifts will be four (4) hours to give everyone additional free time to enjoy their break still. Finally, time off for the summer break will be a total 6 days and will be handled the same as during the academic year. Please complete the Summer OA Interest form by Monday March 2 at the latest.  

Soon after the stated date, the OA Leadership team will come together and decide who will be working summer break. The schedule for Summer break will be published in April.

IMPORTANT: Completion of this form, does NOT mean you will be assigned shifts over summer break. It is strictly to gauge interest and availability of OA’s. OA’s granted summer break will be based on both availability and prior shift performance.  OA’s who work summer break will NOT be provided housing by UHS.