See Something Say Something

OAs are expected to always be alert while monitoring the comings/goings at the desk.  This means “eyes up” as anyone enters the community and being prepared to at least verbally request all who enter to show ID or to check-in their guests.  Please remember to report any of the following:

  • Suspicious individuals who have suspicious behavior or appear to to be “hanging around” – Notify the Campus Police (408-924-4222) and/or UHS staff (on-campus) 
  • Issue with a resident or guest – Notify RA on duty 
  • Issue with another OA (i.e. OA being on the phone the whole shift, OA sleeping while on shift, OA no show to shift, OA acting inappropriate, etc.)  – Notify Front Desk Team
  • The FDT does not encourage OA’s to confront each other about situations, please report the situation and the FDT will take action if required

Please reference the Spring 2020 Training Presentation for more information.

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