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Spartans at Work: At Twitter, I Am “More Sensitive Toward the Different Perspectives” of Other Cultures

By Sarah Kyo, Web Communications Specialist

(This summer, SJSU Today hits the road, visiting students and recent grads on the job across the country and around the world. Our Spartans at Work series continues with mass communications alumna Carolina Janssen.)

Where will an SJSU degree take you? How about a job with one of the hottest, most influential companies in the world? Carolina Janssen, ’10 Mass Communications, is part of Twitter’s International Market Development team, helping this San Francisco-headquartered service reach the rest of the world.

“I never understood how much work it really is to bring a product that was created in this country and make it work in another country,” Janssen said. “It’s not just doing the same thing there. You have to really change a lot of really small things.”

Janssen, a German native, started working at Twitter two years ago as Localization and International Support for German-speaking users. Now she is part of a diverse team, conducting market analysis, and credits her alma mater for preparing her for this role. Janssen had lived at SJSU International House, a dormitory for U.S. and international students. She also worked at I-House and at Studies in American Language, now known as International Gateways.

“San Jose State is an obviously very international university, and I think just living in this environment of people from all over the world for two years prepared me perfectly for particularly the position that I got at Twitter,” she said. “I think it also made me more sensitive toward the different perspectives that different cultures have.”

You can follow Janssen on Twitter at @lija.

SJSU students and Chevrolet representatives stand near silver Chevy car with doors open.

SJSU Students Take First Place Honors in National Chevrolet Competition

SJSU students and Chevrolet representatives stand near silver Chevy car with doors open.

Dwight, Bentel & Hall Communications students with Chevrolet representatives and the new Chevrolet Cruze.

By Ashley Albert

A team of eight San Jose State students earned national honors for their marketing plan to help increase student interest in Chevrolet cars. The team’s inventive marketing techniques earned the top score in a competition involving 23 colleges nationwide. Prizes included a new laptop for each SJSU team member.

Part of the marketing plan for the auto manufacturer included a chalking campaign where the team chalked a teaser message, “Where You Going?” on campus sidewalks, along with the link to a Facebook page for student interaction. The group also placed fake car keys around campus with codes that drove people to the Chevrolet and promoted “The Going Gets Easy” event, where cars were brought to San Jose State for students to check out.

The team represented SJSU in the competition as part of the Chevrolet Campus Promotions Program. The program gives students real-life experience in marketing on a limited budget, while also increasing awareness and influencing car buying decisions for the Chevrolet brand. Each team was given $3,000 and had only a few months to research, implement and evaluate an integrated marketing communications campaign that would grab the attention of their peers.

“Being recognized for our hard work is more rewarding than any prize we could’ve received,” said SJSU student Juan Luna. “Having competed against 22 other schools, and winning reassures us that we are capable of taking on real-life clients.” Luna and the other seven members of the winning team are also part of San Jose State’s Dwight, Bentel & Hall Communications, a student-run advertising and public relations agency.

SJSU student Ashley Albert is a public relations specialist at Dwight, Bentel & Hall Communications.

SJSU in the News: SJ State Group Finds Optimism in Dubai

Silicon Biz Blog
By Donovan Farnham

Since the economic downturn of 2008, business has had a slow climb back in the United States and abroad.

But what about in a place that had unprecedented growth, where it seemed like the sky was the limit, literally, for its buildings and businesses, such as Dubai and other United Arab Emirate cities? Continue reading

Professor David Chai took first place for "Enrique Wrecks the World" at the CreaTiVe Awards.

SJSU Professors Receive CreaTiVe Film Awards

Professor David Chai took first place for "Enrique Wrecks the World" at the CreaTiVe Awards.

Professor David Chai took first place for "Enrique Wrecks the World" at the CreaTiVe Awards.

Proving once again that SJSU produces outstanding films, Assistant Professor David Chai and Associate Professor Michael Cheers won top prizes at the CreaTiVe Awards ceremony held Jan. 8 at the San Jose Repertory Theatre.

Chai took first place for films under 30 minutes for “Enrique Wrecks the World.” The film also recently received an Annie Award Nomination. The Annie Awards are the animation industry’s highest honor, and other nominees in the same category include entries from PIXAR and Warner Bros. The ceremony will be held Feb. 5 in Los Angeles.

“What makes Professor Chai’s accomplishments all the more amazing is that he directs and produces his films at SJSU during the summer with a student crew,” wrote SJSU Animation/Illustration Program Coordinator Alice Carter. “Although it would be easier and more efficient to assemble a team of professionals, Professor Chai understands the importance of this opportunity and volunteers his time with our students.”

Cheers won first place in the nonprofits, art and culture, category for “Soul Sanctuary,” a feature-length documentary that chronicles the rich culture and traditions at Antioch Baptist Church, the oldest African American Baptist church in San Jose.

The School of Journalism and Mass Communications supported the project with equipment, post-production software and editing funds. Assistant Professor Kim Komenich and students from Cheers’ photojournalism classes worked as crewmembers.

The CreaTiVe Awards recognize Bay Area media makers who promote and celebrate individual expression, learning, diversity, arts and civic engagement. CreaTV San Jose is a non-profit supporting the use of public and educational access channels and resources among a wide range of individuals, organizations, and institutions.

Watch a short clip of “Enrique Wrecks the World” on SJSU’s YouTube channel.

Learn more about the CreaTiVe awards.

Learn more about “Enrique Wrecks the World.”
Edited 10/3/18: The link to Professor Chai’s website has been removed per campus information security protocols because of potential security issues.

Learn more about “Soul Santuary.”

Photo of Arabic building through etch glass.

SJSU Mass Communications Students Blog From Dubai

Photo of Arabic building through etch glass.

SJSU Samantha Robinson snapped this photo of a building in Dubai.

“Most of our impressions of the Middle East come through the media, and they are stereotypically negative,” wrote Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications Diane Guerrazzi. “In films, on TV, in magazines and newspapers, the area appears to be populated with terrorists and women who are oppressed. On the face of it, American students might assume they are much different than their counterparts in the Middle East. That is, until they get to know each other.” Continue reading

New SJSU TV Program Premieres With Marijuana Debate

Equal Time, produced by SJSU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications, provides an in-depth look at issues important to Californians. This premiere episode examines the ramifications of legalizing and taxing marijuana. The show will air on KTEH as follows: 7 p.m. Oct. 27, 1 a.m. Oct. 28, 1:30 p.m. Oct. 30, 11:30 p.m. Oct. 31 and 5:30 a.m. Nov. 1. Continue reading