Climate Ride team

Green Ninja Team Joins Climate Ride

Climate Ride

Climate Ride team members before training in Woodside. Left to right, they are Ramya Shenoy, Huong Cheng, Kelly Chang, Eugene Cordero and Clare Cordero (photo by Steve Branz).

A team of Spartans will pedal hundreds of miles along the California coast this spring to raise awareness about climate change, and support SJSU’s environmental outreach program, The Green Ninja Project.

Before joining the team, the last time Ramya Shenoy, ’15 Computer Science, rode a bicycle was 11 years ago to pick up groceries for her parents in India. She recently rode 47 miles, and is determined to complete The Climate Ride, which runs May 17-21.

“I’m putting all my willpower into training for this. I think anything is possible, if you really put your heart into it,” Shenoy said.

The Team

The Green Ninja Team, a diverse group of SJSU students, alumni, and faculty and staff members, is participating in the California Climate Ride. They’ll be biking 320 miles in five days from Eureka to San Francisco to raise awareness about climate change and support environmental non-profit organizations like the Green Ninja project.

Shenoy and several other team members work for the Green Ninja Project, a non-profit environmental outreach program designed to educate middle school kids about climate change and inspire them to take action.

The Green Ninja Project is the brainchild of Professor Eugene Cordero, a climate scientist in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science.  Convincing Professor Cordero to participate in the Climate Ride wasn’t too difficult.

“I love cycling, I’m passionate about promoting solutions to climate change and our SJSU team is so inspiring,” Cordero said.


Each team member must fundraise $2,800 to ride, but they hope to raise $5,000 a piece.  Kelly Chang, ’13 Biological Sciences, the team captain, loves getting active outside and hopes to inspire others to get outdoors through the Climate Ride. She’s actively promoting the ride, and trying to get more riders and sponsors to sign up.

We’re always looking for new riders, and we welcome all levels of bike riders,” Chang said.

Chang has been contacting local businesses to partner with and support the team. So far, Good Karma Bikes has graciously donated a bike, which will be raffled off in an upcoming silent auction.


The Green Ninja team has organized training rides every other Sunday and they recently completed their longest ride of 47 miles. Huong Cheng, ’15 Animation/Illustration, learned to ride a bike just one month ago.

“I want this to inspire my friends and family to take on challenges in life with a can-do attitude. I know once I finish this ride, I will not be afraid of any obstacle I come across,” Cheng said.

Learn more about SJSU’s Green Ninja Team and support their fundraising goals. Want to join the team?  Contact

Cordero, Green Ninja Receive International Recognition

Cordero, Green Ninja Receive International Recognition

Cordero, Green Ninja Receive International Recognition

Cordero’s Green Ninja climate-action superhero received the people’s choice award at an international film festival.

When international experts gathered Nov. 14-15 for a 24-hour online climate change symposium, SJSU’s Eugene Cordero was invited to take a seat at the table.

The professor of meteorology and climate science appeared on four hour-long segments of “24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report.”

That included Hour 20, with former Vice President AL Gore and Virgin Group Founder and Chairman Richard Branson. The program is available online.

Cordero scored a second major victory recently: A video featuring his Green Ninja climate-action superhero received the people’s choice award at an international film festival.

The Green Screen: Climate Fix Flicks award included a $5,000 cash prize, which Cordero will use for students and faculty launching a Green Ninja web series.

Green Ninja

Cordero’s research focuses on understanding climate variability through the use of observations and climate models.

He’s also interested in developing new methods for teaching climate change that engage and ultimately stimulate social change.

That’s where the Green Ninja comes in. The project aims to educate young people about our changing climate and then give them the tools to do something about it.

The award winning video, “Green Ninja: Footprint Renovation”, is about a man whose feet become gigantic because of the large carbon footprint of his home.

The Green Ninja was created through a unique campus collaboration between scientists, artists, and educators across five SJSU colleges.

The YouTube series, to be launched in early 2013, will connect with a larger audience while supporting teachers who want to bring innovative curriculum into their classrooms.