San José State Hosts Multiple Virtual Career Fairs

Screenshot of the SJSU Career Center webinar showing a slide that says We're Hiring! with three cards that say Explore Internship, University Internship, and Full-Time.

SJSU students had the opportunity to meet with employers like Microsoft during special Employer Insight workshops. Microsoft University Recruiter Brian Cuadra provided information on internship and job opportunities.

How can San José State students connect with potential employers during the COVID-19 health pandemic? In an era when students and recruiters can’t meet for an actual handshake, the San José State Career Center has leveraged the new career fair feature in Handshake, SJSU’s student career management platform, to host virtual career fairs.

More than 2,500 SJSU students have participated in six fairs since the fall 2020 semester began, according to Catherine Voss Plaxton, interim associate vice president of student services. The Career Center first offered virtual career fairs in the 2016-2017 school year. Also in that year, the team established career fairs for five, broad career pathways, offering possibilities for every major.

Handshake dashboard that lists career fair events for students to attend.

SJSU students can register for virtual career fairs using SJSU Handshake.

“By using Handshake, we can easily promote fairs to SJSU’s 9,200 local employers and the over 60 percent of undergraduate students who actively use the system,” said Voss Plaxton. “We were the first Bay Area campus to post a virtual career fair schedule and invite employers to recruit this fall.”

Students can access online resources to prepare for the virtual fairs, including job fair success webinars, individual career counseling appointments and access to VMock, an online resume-building tool. The Career Center also has offered four Employer Insights events with top employers to share advice for getting jobs at their companies. More than 175 students participated in a recent session that featured Microsoft representatives. Two additional Insights events are planned for fall 2020.

Shawn Klein, ’21 Human Resources Management, signed up for a one-on-one online meeting with Stacey Caceres, talent acquisition manager for Enterprise Holdings, during the Business, Logistics and Financial Services Virtual Job/Internship Fair on September 29.

“My experience was great,” said Klein, who works as a peer career advisor at SJSU and is looking for a job in HR. “I didn’t have to wait in any lines. I was able to get one-on-one time or a group session with everyone I needed to talk to. In the past, there were some employers I would’ve needed to wait 30 minutes just to speak to. Sometimes I never got the chance. To be able to set when you want to talk to someone and to see their availability helps save so much time. It gives you the ability to get face time with everyone. ”

Virtual fairs can make recruiting more convenient for employers as well. Zuleica Pena, ’15 Business Administration, who works in talent acquisition at the accounting firm PwC, attended a special Meet the Firms virtual event for accounting majors on September 17.

“We had a very positive experience with having Meet the Firms be virtual this semester,” said Pena. “The video platform was great quality and easy to use. The fact that student profiles were easy to access definitely made things run a lot smoother.”

More than 130 employers have participated in SJSU virtual career fairs this fall. According to exit surveys conducted by the SJSU Career Center, 60 percent of student attendees agreed or strongly agreed that the event helped them identify next steps to take in career preparation, while 74 percent recommended the virtual fairs to fellow SJSU students On November 3, Spartans can participate in a Graduate and Professional School Virtual Career Fair, a partnership between the College of Graduate Studies and the Career Center.

SJSU Hosts More Than 50 Higher Ed Leaders for Presidential Experience Lab

More than 50 college presidents and chancellors attended the second day of the Presidential Experience Lab at San Jose State University. Photo: Robert Bain

San Jose State University served as the epicenter of higher education Friday, as more than 50 university presidents and chancellors from across the country gathered to discuss how to better prepare students for jobs of the future.

The visit was part of the two-day Presidential Experience Lab, presented by education firm EAB, which included a private tour of LinkedIn headquarters on Thursday.

From left: Ron Rogers, Dan Moshavi and Catherine Voss Plaxton discussed how the innovative partnership between SJSU and LinkedIn is reimagining higher education workforce development. Photo: Robert Bain

During the SJSU campus visit Friday, Dan Moshavi, dean of the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, Ron Rogers, associate dean of the College of Social Sciences and Catherine Voss Plaxton, interim associate vice president of Student Services and director of the Career Center, presented on how the innovative partnership between the university and LinkedIn is reimagining higher education workforce development. Topics included how to use customized insight from LinkedIn to inform curriculum development, match students’ skills to jobs, identify skill gaps in the student body and track career outcomes.

“Education—both higher education and pre-college education—must adapt to the new realities of today’s workplace and enable today’s students to master the foundational digital skills needed for success in our 21st century economy,” President Mary A. Papazian said. “For us here at San Jose State, industry partnerships like this one are helping us to achieve these goals. This strategy leverages our competitive advantage—which, for us, is our regional location here in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

On the first day of the event, participants toured LinkedIn’s facility in Sunnyvale, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s professional network and perspectives on the ever-changing workforce and future of work.

EAB’s Higher Education Strategy Forum partners with presidents and chancellors at more than 175 colleges and universities to address the challenges of setting institution-wide strategy in a fast-changing higher education landscape.

“EAB, on behalf of our university president and chancellor partners, has been exploring key questions as to how we must prepare our students for the future workplace and career paths that are non-linear,” said EAB Chief Partner Officer Sally Amoruso. “LinkedIn’s data insights and SJSU’s application of those insights served as a great launchpad for deepening our understanding.”

SJSU, LinkedIn Launch Mobile App

CSU Chancellor Tim White visits the LinkedIn Photo Studio at SJSU Nov. 4.

CSU Chancellor Tim White visits the LinkedIn Photo Studio at SJSU Nov. 4 (photo by Neal Waters, ’07 Geography, ’16 MS Mass Communications).

SJSU Media Relations contact:
Daniel Newell, 408-924-6028,

SAN JOSE, Calif. — San Jose State University and LinkedIn have formed a unique partnership that aims to assist college students in exploring career interests and career pathways. The SJSU Career Center and LinkedIn have launched a new pilot program, an exciting mobile app that assist students in developing a professional social network that targets potential industries and occupations of interest based on alumni who have graduated from SJSU and are now working in the field.

Pilot of a New Mobile App

Recently, Business Insider announced SJSU as the #1 supplier of talent to Silicon Valley; it’s no surprise that SJSU was selected to be the first university in the nation to pilot this new and engaging mobile app. Through this education-industry partnership, future hopes are that students will engage in their professional development and network early to prepare to enter the workforce. The app tailors its content to each student’s profile, providing a high level of customization in the role, company, content, and alumni recommendations it surfaces.

Closing the Skills-gap

The app highlights top skills that are self-reported by alumni, introducing current students to areas they should look to develop if they choose to enter the same field. Students can reach out to an alumnus to connect for an informational interview or mentoring, providing the next generation workforce with the access necessary to learn from those who came before them. Closing the skills and achievement gaps is a process. From the SJSU LinkedIn pilot program – providing career exploration tools, resources, and access to potential mentors – we believe we are taking an important step in the right direction.

Celebrating a New Partnership

To celebrate its new partnership, on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015, the SJSU Career Center, SJSU Student Alumni Association, and LinkedIn launched a “LinkedIn to Your Career” event that involved a LinkedIn Photo Studio known as the “Headshot Truck,” a cutting-edge mobile head shot photography studio. The celebration also included an evening workshop and mixer. At the event, students were able to create LinkedIn profiles, take head shots for their profile picture, and learn how to maximize their job search through networking.

The event attracted more than 600 students and even caught the attention of Chancellor Tim White, who stopped by to take a head shot for his LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn invited SJSU students to network with LinkedIn employees who graduated from SJSU. Alumni guests represented majors from health science, international business, computer science, graphic design/digital media art, management information systems, accounting, and engineering.

About San Jose State

The founding campus of the 23-campus California State University system, San Jose State provides a comprehensive university education, granting bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in more than 140 areas of study and 100 concentrations – offered through its eight colleges.

With more than 33,000 students and nearly 4,370 employees, San Jose State continues to be an essential partner in the economic, cultural and social development of Silicon Valley and the state, annually contributing more than 7,000 graduates to the workforce.

The university is immensely proud of the accomplishments of its more than 220,000 alumni, 60 percent of whom live and work in the Bay Area.

NBC Bay Area: San Jose State University is Top School for Most Silicon Valley Hires

Posted by NBC Bay Area on July 16, 2015.

By Scott Budman

According to a recent survey by Jobvite, San Jose State University is the top school in the nation pushing for tech talent.

The Jobvite survey shows that SJSU has the most students hired by top tech companies in the Silicon Valley.

The career center at SJSU helps students bridge the gap between school and work.

“We promote and advocate internships and having that real-world experience while you’re in school, so that when you walk out of here with a degree, you also have years of experience as an intern,” said Daniel Newell, Program Manager of Workforce and Economic Development.

View the full story. 

SJSU Leads Silicon Valley Hiring

Photo: Christina Olivas

2013 SJSU career fair (photo by Christina Olivas).

Silicon Valley companies hire more San Jose State University students and alumni than any other college or university in the country, according to a recent analysis.

Jobvite, a recruiting platform, analyzed seven million applications and 40,000 hires to determine the schools that had the most students hired by top companies in and around Silicon Valley,” according to Business Insider.

San Jose State came out on top. More than 75,000 career opportunities including 11,000 internships were offered last year through the SJSU Career Center.

Approximately 4,000 employer representatives attended SJSU career fairs last year. Engineering and business were the top two industries recruiting on campus, followed by the non-profit/government, education and communications sectors.

Fall 2014 Career Fair

How popular are Career Center events? When the doors opened for the Fall ’14 Engineering & Science Job & Internship Fair Sept. 23 at the Student Union ballroom, the line cascaded down the stairs, navigated alongside the Art Building, and wrapped around the Music Concert Hall. Savvy employers accommodated the crowd by heading outdoors to share information with prospects while they waited.

As a solution for those who were not able to enter, resumes were collected from students at the Sept. 23 fair and submitted online for a second fair held the next day to ensure students connected with employers,” said Career Center Employer Services Lead and Employment Specialist Moira Kolasinski.

More than 105 employers and 1,700 job seekers attended the engineering and science fairs. In addition, the Career Center organized fairs this fall for the business, government and nonprofit fields, attracting more than 100 employers and 840 job seekers.

According to a recent study by The Conference Board, skilled professionals are in short supply. Kolasinski said that study and a corresponding 42 percent increase in SpartaJobs openings over the past year mean only one thing:

The market for students in Silicon Valley is looking bright.”

career center

Career Center Introduces New Service

career center

SlingShot Connections and Expandability recruiters meet with student Jessica Puentes at the SJSU Career Center (Brandon Chew photo)

Media Contact: Daniel Newell408-924-6028

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The San Jose State University Career Center has partnered with two off-campus organizations to take an innovative approach to helping students, alumni and even the general public advance professionally.

SJSU Spartan Staffing operates like an employment agency, actively connecting job seekers and employers with common interests. SlingShot Connections and Expandability provide the personnel who make the connections, working together to serve San Jose State’s diverse community.

We believe San Jose State is the first institution of higher learning in the nation to add the employment agency concept to its suite of career development services,” said Daniel Newell, program manager for workforce and economic development at the SJSU Career Center.

A Unique Opportunity

“This unique opportunity will be of enormous assistance to our students, alumni and area employers,” Newell continued. “The SJSU service is facilitated by private organizations that are nimble and adapt at the pace of industry to meet regional needs.”

SJSU Spartan Staffing complements the Career Center’s many other services, which take students from choosing a major to fine tuning resumes to attending interviews and job fairs. The new service brings together job seekers with specific employers. This comes at no cost to the job seeker. The employer remits a fee, typically a percentage of a new hire’s salary. 

There are benefits for community members as well. SJSU Spartan Staffing offers positions that go unfilled by students and alumni to local residents, in collaboration with organizations such as the Veterans Administration, the California Department of Rehabilitation, and the American Job Center.

At the same time, SJSU Spartan Staffing supports businesses of all sizes. For example, the service can serve as the employer of record for small businesses, handling workers’ compensation, state and federal tax allocations as well as liability and unemployment insurance.

Connecting Students With Start-ups

In addition, SJSU Spartan Staffing levels the playing field for start-ups, giving these emerging businesses the opportunity to compete for talent with more prominent employers. The service does this by utilizing corporate recruiters to identify, attract, and recruit for opportunities with companies that would otherwise be unfamiliar to students.

Ancillary services include assistance with visa requirements for international students, academic credit requirements for interns, and federal law compliance, which calls upon contractors to provide opportunities to the disabled, a specialty of Expandability. 

Slingshot and Expandability receive 90 percent of the revenue, with Spartan Staffing taking the remaining 10 percent. More than 20 employers have signed on in the technology, medical device, health care, education and government sectors. Approximately 75 percent of the placements have been full-time positions and 25 percent have been internships.

San Jose State — Silicon Valley’s largest institution of higher learning with 30,000 students and 3,740 employees — is part of the California State University system. SJSU’s 154-acre downtown campus anchors the nation’s 10th largest city.

Alumni Connect Students to Employers

Hundreds of job seekers stood in line outside the SJSU Event Center March 5 for a shot at landing an employment opportunity at the Expo ’14 Job and Internship Fair.

Among the hopefuls waiting was Sameera Pappu, ’14 Electrical Engineering, who shared her desire to network with a few companies that match her special telecommunication skill set.

“It’s better you do your own research and target two or three employers, instead of waiting in the long lines” at the fair, Pappu said.

Many students like Pappu prepared by logging into the SJSU Career Center website, researching companies on SpartaJobs, and completing the online Job Success Webinar, which gained them early-bird access.

Alumni connections

Also working hard to prepare for the fair were SJSU alumni volunteers, identifiable by blue spirit ribbons. They showed their Spartan pride by serving as connecting points between students and employers.

Marie Norman, ’93 Journalism, and director of talent acquisition and HR business partner for Financial Engines, has volunteered at the career fair for more than a decade.

She says that SJSU job fairs have gotten more competitive over the years and it takes longer for students to find opportunities that fit their interests and goals.

But her favorite part of her job is playing an instrumental role in people’s lives and matching opportunities with individuals. In the end, Norman says it’s about knowing and understanding what an employee wants and that goes beyond technical and functional skills.

It’s that the company’s philosophy aligns with a person’s core values and allows them to thrive,” she said.

Submitting resumes

Across the Event Center, Mercedes Hernandez, ’11 Business Administration, and a Symantic HR campus representative, resourced contact information for prospective employees via an electronic tablet provided by the SJSU Career Center.

In a week, students such as Trevor Uyeda, ’15 Computer Science, who’s not worried about the competition because of his experience in graphic user interface, will receive an invitation to upload their updated resumes to Symantec’s database and see recruiting deadlines.

This will give us a good feel for what they need and what we have to offer,” said Hernandez.

The SJSU Career Center works with over 20,000 hiring representatives and businesses both locally and globally and connected students with over 33,000 jobs and internship opportunities through SpartaJobs last semester.

Connecting at Fall Career Fair

(Editor’s Note: Want to know what it’s like inside a job fair? Senior Amanda Holst explains.)

Each year, San Jose State brings together student job seekers and employers under one roof to accommodate Silicon Valley’s demand for innovation.

As a senior who will soon enter the job market, I looked forward to exploring career options at the Fall ’13 Job and Internship Fair held Oct. 2 at the Event Center.

The event was hosted by the SJSU Career Center, which works with 20,000 hiring representatives and businesses both locally and globally.

Gaining Early Bird Access

To gain Early Bird Access, I participated in a Career Center online webshop, which helped me create a game plan for the event.

I prepared my targeted resumes, practiced my one-minute commercial that was sure to set me apart from the others, and registered for SpartaJobs, which lists 53,000 job openings.

Upon entering the fair, I was greeted by an employment coach, who offered more tips on how to approach employers, manage my time and answer questions in a thoughtful manner.

To make every second count, I identified and mapped out where my top employers were located on the floor. The more than 450 hiring representatives came from 125 companies included Cisco, Microsoft, CBS Interactive, Yelp, eBay, Kohl’s, Kasier Permanente, NOOK and the YMCA.

Making Connections

I was fortunate to run into several SJSU alumni representing their employers and showing their Spartan pride by wearing blue spirit ribbons. I was encouraged by their stories of how SJSU was the foundation of their careers with these companies.

Overall, I was pleased with my experience. I was able to meet with recruiters who I might not ordinarily get to meet and the face time allowed us to have solid conversations.

In the next week or so, I plan on following up with thank you notes and will keep in contact with the companies that I connected with so we can continue the relationship.


SJSU Campus

10 Reasons to be a Proud Spartan

SJSU Campus

Soon to be at your service: a new student health center, an expanded Student Union and an updated SPX (Christina Olivas photo).

1. You’re in good company. This fall, we’re expecting 31,300 enrolled students, including 3,700 first-time freshmen, 3,700 new transfers, 2,000 new graduate students and 2,000 new and returning international students.

2. Our faculty members are the finest, including 26 new tenure-track instructors across the disciplines, from design to psychology to cybersecurity.

3. We’re building 21st century spaces. Phase 1 of the Student Union is near completion. Mojo Burger anyone? Coming soon: A new Student Health and Counseling Center and an updated Spartan Complex.

4. We power Silicon Valley. Check out these Spartans at Work and visit the SJSU Career Center to start your job search.

5. We are making it easier to get classes when you need them, offering online courses for credit from other CSU campuses.

6. We’re helping and caring. Need a hand? Just ask students, faculty and staff wearing an “Ask Me” button.

7. With more than 400 clubs, we offer something for everyone. Learn more at Fall Welcome Days, including the Student Organization Fair Aug. 28 on Tower Lawn.

8. We’re going green. Check out the EcoPass, bike share and car share programs.

9. We can dance!

10. We’re connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, plus we offer safety updates via text messages through Alert SJSU.

Jobs Update: Spartan Recruitment On the Rise

Jobs Report: Employment Outlook Improves

Jobs Update: Spartan Recruitment On the Rise

The last two SJSU job fairs in April sold out with approximately 100 employers in attendance and 1,100 students and alumni. All four job fairs this year sold out, bringing the sell-out streak to a total of four consecutive semesters (Christina Olivas photo).

By Daniel Newell, SJSU Career Center, 408-924-6028

SAN JOSE, Calif. —  Quarter three of the fiscal year ended on a high note for job opportunities for Spartans, with growth in openings across the board year to date.

Since the start of the quarter, the national unemployment rate dropped from 7.9 percent to 7.6 percent; California’s unemployment rate dropped from 9.8 percent to 9.4 percent; and Santa Clara County’s unemployment rate dropped from 8 percent in January to 7.4 percent in February. Job availability for SJSU students and graduates mirror the same upward trend.

Although there was a decline in internship openings posted at the Career Center in the third quarter, overall there has been a nine percent increase, totaling greater than 300 internships in comparison to the same time last year. The SJSU Career Center registered 1,745 new employers to recruit SJSU talent, a 23 percent increase.

Moreover, the last two SJSU job fairs in April sold out with approximately 100 employers in attendance and 1,100 students and alumni. All four job fairs this year sold out, bringing the sell-out streak to a total of four consecutive semesters.

Employers must register earlier each year to ensure a spot at recruitment events and the SJSU Career Center is noticing employers like Cisco Systems sending greater numbers of representatives to attract and recruit SJSU students and alumni.

Although the job statistics are positive, students are reminded that unemployment is still generally high and the job market is competitive. Early preparation can increase success. Students are encouraged to utilize the SJSU Career Center’s website to prepare for employment and group drop-in hours and for faster service.

Spartan recruitment is on the rise and the data shows that SJSU talent continues to provide businesses with a competitive edge. Despite the economic downturn, competition for SJSU students and alumni is hot!



Career Center Job Expo

EXPO 2013 Job/Internship Fair Hits Capacity

EXPO 2013 Job/Internship Fair Hits Capacity

The 2013 EXPO attracted 445 recruiters and hiring managers from more than 120 companies and hosted 2,315 students and alumni. This is yet another sign that job growth in Silicon Valley is on the rise and that employers are eager to meet SJSU students and graduates to fill open positions (Christina Olivas photo).

Contact: Daniel Newell, 408-924-6028

SAN JOSE, Calif., — The SJSU EXPO 2013 Job and Internship Fair proved to be another sell-out!

For two years in a row, all EXPO and Fall Job/Internship fairs have completely hit capacity and the Career Center has had to funnel the overflow employers to other fairs hosted later in the semester and to public or community job and internship fairs. Check out our slideshow of the event, held Feb. 26 in the Event Center.

The 2013 EXPO attracted 445 recruiters and hiring managers from more than 120 companies and hosted 2,315 students and alumni. This is yet another sign that job growth in Silicon Valley is on the rise and that employers are eager to meet SJSU students and graduates to fill open positions.

Corporate sponsor Cisco Systems filled eight tables at the fair and was hiring for the typical engineering roles. This year,  they also brought in a new department that was focused on globalization: Global Business Services and were seeking business analyst interns.

More than 20 percent of the companies present were sponsors, 17 percent of all companies attending were new to job fair recruiting at SJSU, 31 percent of the employers had internships available, 80 percent were corporations and 19 percent were government or non-profit organizations.

Majors in demand

Thirty-seven percent of employers at the fair were looking for tech majors, 31 percent all majors, 27 percent business majors, 21 percent liberal arts majors, 10 percent science majors and 6 percent other majors (some employers were looking for majors from more than one field).

A more detailed account consisted of 36 percent of employers seeking computer science majors, 32 percent computer engineering majors, 26 percent business management majors, 23 percent marketing majors, 20 percent electrical engineering majors, 17 percent accounting majors, 15 percent finance majors, 12 percent Management Information Systems majors, 10 percent MBA candidates, nine percent mechanical engineering majors, nine percent quality assurance majors, eight percent human resource majors, seven percent entrepreneur and six percent other. Again, some employers were looking for majors from more than one field.

Coming events

The SJSU Career Center has already begun booking employers for the two fairs scheduled in April and expect to have another full-house.

San Jose State — Silicon Valley’s largest institution of higher learning with 30,500 students and 3,850 employees — is part of the California State University system. SJSU’s 154-acre downtown campus anchors the nation’s 10th largest city.

Expo 2013 Job/Internship Fair

More than 2,300 students and 120 employers filled the Event Center Feb. 26 for the SJSU Career Center Expo ‘13 Job/Internship Fair. The first job seekers in the door were those who completed the Job Fair Success Webshop, a quick but effective way to learn how to shine while searching for work. A stellar line of employers waited inside, including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, IBM, Target, Kohl’s and Yahoo! More than 30 percent offered both job and internship opportunities. Of course the huge benefit of attending a job fair is the human dimension. The SJSU Alumni Association was on hand to greet the many recruiters who were SJSU graduates. It was awesome to see so many Spartans helping Spartans! Didn’t make it to this event? There’s lots more you can do, from a Nonprofit and Public Service Forum to informational sessions and tech talks. To learn more, check out the Career Center’s website.

Career Center Tracks Jobs Growth

Career Center Tracks Jobs Growth

Career Center Tracks Jobs Growth

We’re seeing increases in summer roles and internships, which often lead to full-time jobs.

Contact: Job Development and Marketing Specialist Daniel Newell, (408) 924-6028

SAN JOSE, CA – The SJSU Career Center released recruitment statistics Jan. 29 for the first two quarters of fiscal year 2012-2013, and the data suggests Silicon Valley college recruitment efforts are on the rise.

As local, state and national unemployment rates decline, demand for highly skilled workers is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for individuals age 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree or higher is only 3.9 percent, compared to the national unemployment rate of 7.8 percent.

SpartaJobs, the official SJSU job and internship database, tracks employment and recruitment trends and shows increases in job openings in full-time, part-time, internship and seasonal employment.

The first quarter experienced a 19 percent increase in comparison to the prior year. The second quarter saw a 105 percent increase in comparison to the prior year. Most of the increases were in summer roles and internships; often times, these roles lead to full-time permanent positions.

Combined, the first two quarters hosted 8,108 more job openings in SpartaJobs in comparison to the same period last year. The first six months have also brought in 1,089 new employers, a 1.7 percent increase in comparison to the same time last year.

Hire Spartans, your Competitive Edge for Silicon Valley’s top talent and global market. Register now with the SJSU Career Center.

San José State — Silicon Valley’s largest institution of higher learning with 30,500 students and 3,850 employees — is part of the California State University system. SJSU’s 154-acre downtown campus anchors the nation’s 10th largest city.

Career Center Fosters Job Growth

SJSU Career Center Connects Employers to Tax Incentives, Creating Jobs

SJSU is located within the San Jose Enterprise Zone.

Media Contact: Daniel Newell408-924-6028

SAN JOSE, Calif., — The San Jose State University Career Center connects Bay Area employers to tax credits, financial reimbursements, and wage subsidies for hiring SJSU students and alumni. SJSU is located in the government identified “Enterprise Zone” in the heart of Silicon Valley.

This means that businesses located in the Enterprise Zones of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland can claim up to 50 percent of wages paid to students they employ who live on campus or in pre-designated areas. The SJSU Career Center has identified more than 1,700 businesses that already hire through SJSU and qualify for this credit.

If a company in the zone chooses to employ a student or graduate who does not live on campus or in the pre-designated areas, businesses can claim a tax credit if the candidate earned less than $9,000 the 90 days prior to the job offer.

The savings don’t end there. The SJSU Career Center has collaborated with its community and government partners to provide even more savings to employers who hire Spartans. Work2Future, NOVA, and the Department of Rehabilitation are equipped to provide employers with financial incentives, even if the business does not reside in the enterprise zones or hire SJSU students/alumni.

Businesses are to contact the representatives below for details. These three programs identified by the SJSU Career Center save businesses money.

SJSU Enterprise Zone
(write off up to 50 percent of a new employee’s annual salary)
Contacts :
San Jose Businesses: John Lang at or 408-535-8178
San Francisco Businesses: Natosha Safo at (415) 554-6130
Oakland Businesses: Susana Villarreal at or (510) 238-7794

SJSU Work Ability Referral Program
(tax credits and training reimbursement)
Contact :
Judy Salinas: or (408) 277-9032

On the Job Training
(50 percent – 90 percent wage reimbursement during training period)
Work2Future, serving southern Santa Clara County, Dhez Woodworth, (877) 880-1222 or
NOVA, serving northern Santa Clara County, (408) 730-7232 or

Hire Spartans, your Competitive Edge for Silicon Valley’s top talent and global market. Register with the SJSU Career Center now. 

San Jose State — Silicon Valley’s largest institution of higher learning with 30,500 students and 3,850 employees — is part of the California State University system. SJSU’s 154-acre downtown campus anchors the nation’s 10th largest city.

Join SJSU on Pinterest!

Join SJSU on Pinterest!

Join SJSU on Pinterest!

SJSU is now on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking website for bringing together online themes. Users collect and combine their own themes by “repining” items onto their boards, creating their own virtual spaces.

This week, SJSU launched its official presence on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking website for bringing together online themes. Users collect and combine their own themes by “repining” items onto their boards, create their own virtual spaces.

We’ve posted 18 boards including Sammy Spartan, Helping and Caring, and Bright Ideas, side by side with our top hits, South Bay Eats and Dorm Décor. So far we have received great responses, not to mention 48 followers. up from 13 followers since our launch Oct. 8.

We carefully crafted pins that we think represent SJSU and Spartan culture. The use of Pinterest allows us to bring awareness to our campus and show off our community.

We are also supporting our fellow SJSU pinners who have joined the Pinterest community, including our friends at the College of Applied Arts and Sciences, Department of Justice Studies, Department of Kinesiology, Don and Sally Lucas Graduate School of Business, SJSU Special Collections and Archives, SJSU Career Center and King Library,

Michael Brito’s MCOM 139 Social Business class is a good way to see how Pinterest can be used as a medium for the classroom.

Stay tuned for opportunities to add your own flavor to SJSU culture with upcoming community boards.

We hope you’ll visit and repin us.

Visit us at


Record-Breaking Job Fair

SJSU Career Center's Fall Job/Internship Fair attracted 175 employers and 2,500 students (Jessica Olthof photo)

SJSU Career Center’s Fall Job/Internship Fair attracted 175 employers and 2,500 students (Jessica Olthof photo)

They were dressed in suits, coats and tie, jackets and dresses, pumps and wingtips. They had resumes in hand, and cell phones tucked away. They were waiting for this moment ever since earning early-bird status by completing a Job Fair Success Webshop (online workshop) weeks ago, when SJSU Career Center staff walked them through the ins and outs of looking for a job. All that was left now between them and the recruiters was a rousing speech. As soon as it was over, these job seekers were on their feet, scrambling down the bleachers, angling to be the first to hit the floor Sept. 27 at the SJSU Fall Job/Internship Fair, the largest such event in five years. By day’s end, an estimated 2,500 students visited the fair, which drew so many employers that their booths spilled out of the Event Center and onto the San Carlos paseo, where they met with students under sunny skies. More than 175 recruitment teams represented just about every imaginable sector (from Kohl’s to Enterprise Rent-a-Car to the U.S. Army), with a heavy emphasis on high tech (Cisco, IBM and Oracle, for example) given SJSU’s Silicon Valley location.

The SJSU Alumni Association was on hand to greet the many recruiters who were SJSU graduates, back on campus to share what they know. It was not hard to imagine the day the students who worked so hard to be first on the floor would one day return themselves as young professionals seeking to recruit the next generation.

Career Center Seeks Volunteers for Fall 2012 Job & Internship Fair

Career Center Seeks Volunteers for Fall 2012 Job & Internship Fair

Career Center Seeks Volunteers for Fall 2012 Job & Internship Fair

Contribute to Spartan student success by lending a hand at the Career Center’s fall 2012 Job and Internship Fair (photo courtesy of the Career Center).

By the SJSU Career Center

The SJSU Career Center team seeks 100 SJSU volunteers willing to donate time to make the Thursday, Sept. 27, job fair in the Event Center and on the Paseo de San Carlos Plaza a success. The fair will feature a record number of employers poised to interact with our students for employment opportunities in many different fields. We need YOU!


  • Satisfaction of observing our professionally-attired graduating candidates and interns showcase the skills and experience they’ve gained while at SJSU!
  • Chance to experience well over 500 employer representatives from organizations like Cisco, Yahoo!, KQED, Target, YMCA of Silicon Valley, eBay, and many more recruit their talent.

How Can You help?  

Be a contributor to Spartan student success.  A few of the exciting assignments include student registration, employer greeters and hosts, door monitor, crowd control, etc. All of these options are opportunities to witness and support our students’ connection with their chosen paths during and after SJSU.

What’s Needed?

Just two hours of your time and a willingness to provide quality Spartan customer service, professional business-casual dress and enthusiasm for interfacing with SJSU students and our employers.

How do I Volunteer?

Simply fill out an Eventbrite form by following this link:, share the type of service you’re interested in providing, and return your preference no later than Monday, Sept. 10. We encourage volunteers to act fast, as the most popular assignments go fast. Once we have set up your assignment we will contact you to confirm.

Additional Questions? Email with any other questions you might have.

SJ Business Journal: Career Center Reports Positive Jobs Outlook for Recent Grads

More jobs for students, but most part-time

Posted by the Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Journal Aug. 13, 2012.

By Moryt Milo, Editor

San Jose State University has released its Job Development Report for 2011-2012, and it’s good news for recent grads. At least better news compared to the prior year.

This report dives into employer recruitment efforts in Silicon Valley and points out that most employers are looking for interns, part-time, seasonal and temps for hire.

Still in this area the increase was significant, up 31 percent compared to the prior year. And newly minted grads shouldn’t turn those opportunities down, if it’s a way to get a foot in the door.

The pay for those positions also increased to $16 per hour up from $14 per hour, due to strong competition for talent. But if that were full-time dollars it would only equate to $33,280. In Silicon Valley that would be a real struggle, especially with average rents over $2,000 per month. But that is part-time dollars.

No surprise that the majority of full-time jobs posted were for students graduating from the College of Business at SJSU. The business school had the highest percentage of employer listings at 21.66 percent. But the College of Applied Sciences and Arts was right behind it with 21.56.

The career center reported that more than 10,000 students, who took advantage of the university’s career services during the 2011-2012, found some form of work.

It helps that the economy has turned around and employers are looking to hire. In fact, the comprehensive 24-page report takes a look at the economic landscape, and concludes that if hiring continues at its current pace, unemployment in Santa Clara County could drop to 6.3 percent by June 2013. This 1.9 percent drop is based on where the county was on June 2011 at 10.1 percent to May 2012 at 8.2 percent.

The university also saw a 44 percent increase in employer attendance at the job fairs compared to a year ago.

There was an increase in large employers coming to campus to recruit this year, but it was the small-and medium-size businesses that were looking for hard to find tech talent and students with marketing/advertising and sales skills who had a strong emphasis in social media.

The hot market resulted in more 13,00 job postings (full-time, part time, internships, seasonal) at the career center, which, equated to more than $132 million of available income, the study stated.

Click here to view the complete report.

Career Center Hosts "Grad Blast" Connecting News Alums, Employers

Career Center Helps New Alumni Connect With Employers at “Grad Blast” June 7

Career Center Hosts "Grad Blast" Connecting News Alums, Employers

The SJSU Career Center will be hosting a “Grad Blast” beginning at 1 p.m. June 7 in Engineering 285/287.

By Ryan Whitchurch, Public Affairs Assistant

The SJSU Career Center will be hosting a “Grad Blast” beginning at 1 p.m. June 7 in Engineering 285/287 to help graduates connect with a panel of employers. The panel will discuss advice on how to launch a successful career after graduation.

“The job market is picking up for 2012,” said Career Center Employment Specialist Moira Srago. “Grads can gain their competitive edge by coming to Grad Blast and hearing from employers about how to distinguish themselves in their job search.”

This is just one of the many functions the Career Center offers to SJSU undergrads and alumni. A variety of programs help Spartans search for jobs including workshops and one-on-one consulting.

The Career Center also hosts special events every semester that provide SJSU undergraduates the opportunity to connect with employers to find jobs or internships directly out of college. These events include career fairs, information sessions held on campus, and networking mixers.

“I met my future employer at the Career Fair last spring,” said Edward Barshow, who graduated in May with a bachelor’s in business management. “I met a representative from Kohl’s, got a paid summer internship, and was offered a job after I graduate.”

The Career Center offers virtual resources that are available to all undergraduates and alumni members 24/7 including its blog, Facebook fan page, and a job and internship website called SpartaJobs. All SJSU alumni can take part in these programs for a small membership fee.

“Times are looking up for graduates,” said Srago, “According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook Spring Update Survey, employers expect to hire 10.2 percent more from the class of 2012 than they did from the class of 2011.”

To learn more about the Career Center, get connected with its website, blog, and Facebook fan page.