Deep Dive in Five: Transfer Success Pathway Program

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Academics, Community Engagement

Photo by Robert C. Bain.

California State University (CSU) is making the path to a college degree more accessible by way of its new Transfer Success Pathway (TSP) program. For qualifying students at community colleges across California, TSP guarantees admission to one of CSU’s 23 universities. In this Deep Dive in 5, SJSU’s Faculty Associate Dean of Special Initiatives Matthew Capriotti shares how this new TSP program opens the door for students looking to transfer to San José State. 

What is the Transfer Success Pathway Program?

Matthew Capriotti (MC): The Transfer Success Pathway program is an exciting new program that provides a smoother pathway to SJSU for community college students. The program allows students in their first semester of community college to get guaranteed transfer admission to SJSU through a quick and easy application process. Students sign up for a specific major at SJSU — then once they complete their community college degree within three years and earn a C average or higher in their classes, they are guaranteed admission to that major at SJSU.

Matthew Capriotti

Faculty Associate Dean of Special Initiatives Matthew Capriotti is leading the TSP program as it opens doors to community college transfer students. Photo by Robert C. Bain.

How does this change the transfer process for students coming from community colleges?

MC: The CSU system has long been committed to serving transfer students, but we haven’t always provided pathways that were clear or certain enough to work well for students. The CSU has long guaranteed that students can transfer in after completing their community college degree, but there has not historically been a guarantee to get into a specific major or a specific campus. Each year, the GPA required to transfer into different majors at SJSU can change due to a number of complex factors. So transfer applicants are often left with a lot of stress and uncertainty about whether they will ultimately be able to earn their desired degree at SJSU. 

With the TSP program, there’s less uncertainty, less mystery, and, we hope, less stress for students. This is because the student is guaranteed during their very first semester of community college to be admitted to their major at SJSU, as long as they complete their community college work within three years and have a C average or higher. Once students are in the TSP program, they will also have access to services and support at SJSU that will help them along the way.

Which SJSU majors are included in this program?

MC: For this inaugural year of the program, SJSU is offering TSP agreements for 14 majors, including many in very popular fields of study, such as business, engineering, public health, political science and teacher preparation (through a degree in child and adolescent development). In the future, we hope to offer access to the vast majority of SJSU bachelor’s degrees through the TSP program.

How does this program build on the success of other already established programs, like the East Side Promise?

MC: This program is all about putting students first and providing clear, equitable pathways to a bachelor’s degree. Just like the East Side Promise, the TSP program has the promise to increase access to college by providing certainty to students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree at SJSU. At SJSU, we are committed to creating more equitable access to college education, and that’s why we are excited to get the word out about the TSP program.

What is the deadline for eligible students to apply and how can interested students learn more on how to apply?

MC: The deadline to apply is September 30. Students can learn more by visiting, or they can talk to their community college’s transfer counselor.

(Editor’s note: Below, a few students share their thoughts on transferring to SJSU and the opportunities they have enjoyed since joining the Spartan community.)

“My transfer experience from De Anza Community College to San Jose State University has been phenomenal. I had the typical nerves of any student on a new campus when I first attended San José State University. Nevertheless, I felt supported and welcomed from the first moments on campus during student orientation to my senior year. The political science department has outstanding professors who are passionate about teaching all students. Every professor has a unique teaching style that makes coming to class enjoyable and engaging. In my first semester, my writing ability was the biggest fear of my success as a student. My upper-division writing professor and the plethora of student resources on campus quickly dispelled those fears. Both helped me immensely to be confident in my ability to be a successful student for the rest of my time on campus. San José State University has a fantastic political science department and should be a top choice for any transfer student looking to make a positive change.”  — Jeffrey Krasprow, ’24 Political Science 

“I was amazed at the level of opportunity afforded to me as a transfer student in my first year at SJSU. Faculty members have played a critical role in my success not only by connecting me with career development opportunities and supporting me on the path to graduate school, but by investing their trust and confidence in me despite coming to SJSU two years later than most. With their encouragement, I have been able to develop my skills as a future researcher by participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program for first-year students, working for the Department of Political Science as a research assistant, and even becoming a published author in SJSU’s Research Journal of Justice Studies and Forensic Science. All of these successes are owed to SJSU’s commitment to career development and support of its incoming transfer students. Transferring to SJSU was the best decision I have made for my academic career!” — Christopher Saint-Carter, ’24 Political Science 

“I would highly recommend materials engineering at SJSU for three reasons. Firstly, materials gives you a bottom up approach to engineering so you are able to provide a new perspective to any problem a team may face. Secondly, it is the perfect balance between engineering and science where you can not only engineer new solutions, but make discoveries and innovations that revolutionize an industry. Lastly, the faculty in the materials department are phenomenal. Being a smaller major you get to know your faculty better and they have more time to advise you, taking a keen interest in your success.” — Jateen Nagindas, ’25 Materials Engineering