Campus Safety: Alleged Sexual Assaults

Editor’s note: The following message was emailed to all students, faculty and staff on March 14, 2018.

The University Police Department is seeking witnesses or survivors in connection with a sexual assault investigation.

The suspect, Luis Venegas, 21, has been arrested and is in custody at the Santa Clara County Jail. Venegas is a fourth-year San Jose State student who had been residing in Campus Village A (CVA).

The investigation began the evening of March 3, immediately after a survivor contacted UPD. During the course of the investigation, police learned of two additional survivors. Venegas was arrested March 5.

The suspect was charged with Sexual Assault, Assault with the Intent to Commit Sex Crimes, False Imprisonment and Sexual Battery. The three known cases occurred in CVA. In each case being investigated, the suspect and survivor knew one another.

Investigators believe there may be additional survivors or witnesses. If you have any information regarding this incident or this individual, please contact the University Police Department at (408) 924-2222 or Sgt. Justin Celano (408) 924-2218.

You may also submit a report anonymously through TipNow at (408) 337-2919 or

Resources are available on a confidential basis to all survivors of sexual assault, whether or not survivors choose to file a police report. For more information, please contact the San Jose State University Title IX Office at (408) 924-7290.