Students Invite Obama to SJSU

With an ingenious video, a student group has formally invited the First Lady to a campus event.

“The White House has communicated that they are reviewing our event and the First Lady’s schedule,” said Amanda Aldama, First-Generation College Student Programs coordinator.

“In an effort to get their attention, we have followed the model of several other campuses who were successful in securing her attendance by making an invitation video. It is our hope that, if this video gets trending, as it did for other campuses, then she may say yes.”

The video connects Michelle Obama’s college experience to that of many San Jose State students who are first in their families to seek universities degrees.

GENERATE: The First-Generation College Student Program will host its inaugural First-Generation Scholarship Luncheon noon Feb. 25 in the Student Union. The first lady would serve as the keynote speaker.

The Obama video is part of GENERATE’s “I Relate!” campaign, designed to inform prospective and current Spartans about first-generation college student achievements at SJSU.




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  1. Fabulous idea! As a first generation college graduate, I would be happy to support the luncheon in any way that you may need. I work part-time in the Nursing Dept – you can look me up in the staff directory.

    Si se puede

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