admissions envelope

Congratulations to all our newly admitted Spartans! (image by Rachel Poage, ’14 Graphic Design).

Over the past few weeks, more than 25,000 high school and community college students across the country are ripping open envelopes arriving in the mail to find inside a “Certificate of Admission.”

It’s that time of year again, when San Jose State says yes to its incoming class of freshmen and transfers.

Excited admits

Follow the Enrollment Services’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as these newly admitted students post pictures of themselves with their certificates to win the “Spartan Swag Photo Contest.”

student with admissions certificate

Congratulations, @jennwells_! (Courtesy of Jennifer Wells via Twitter)

Many excited admits have already taken to Twitter, tagging their posts with #SJSUSaidYes.

The new admits hail from all over California plus 37 more states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The largest number of admitted out-of-state students are from Washington, Hawaii and Texas.

Upcoming events

SJSU will continue to accept international applications through April 1. Admitted Spartan Day—one more chance to visit before the big decision—will be April 11.

The deadline to say yes to SJSU is May 1. Keep in mind these are provisional admissions. All candidates are subject to verification of California State University eligibility via final transcripts.

Everyone attends transfer orientation beginning in April or freshmen orientation beginning in June. Expect approximately 3,000 first-time freshmen and 3,500 undergraduate transfers on the first day of classes Aug. 20.

Admitted Spartan Day 2015

Admitted Spartan Day 2015 (image by Brandon Chew, ’14 Photojournalism)

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