Fact Finder Mike Moye

President’s Update: Fact Finder’s Report

President, Judge Cordell and Mike Moye address the media.

President Qayoumi, Judge LaDoris Cordell and lawyer Myron “Mike” D. Moye address the media regarding the release of a fact finder’s report on alleged hate crimes at SJSU (Christina Olivas photo).


President Qayoumi emailed the following statement to all faculty, staff and students regarding alleged hate crimes in SJSU’s student housing complex. A website summarizing all relevant reports, updates and messages has been established.

Late last year, I pledged to initiate an independent fact-finding review of alleged hate crimes against one of our students, and establish an independent task force to study those findings and offer recommendations for ensuring a safe, welcoming climate for everyone in the SJSU community.

The fact finder, Myron “Mike” D. Moye, has completed his work, and the report [PDF] has just been provided to the campus and special task force headed by Judge LaDoris Cordell (Ret.). The task force plans to convene for the first time this Thursday, February 6 to begin studying the report.

Judge Cordell and I are firmly committed to an open, transparent process. The public will be able to attend and observe task force meetings; there will be opportunities at some meetings for community members to share their thoughts and suggestions with the task force as a whole. Meetings will be streamed live on the web and accessible from the university homepage.

I am grateful to Mr. Moye for his thoughtful, rigorous work, and to Judge Cordell, the SJSU students, faculty, staff and alumni, the CSU and community members for giving their time and talents to the independent task force. I look forward to receiving and sharing their report, which Judge Cordell has said should be completed by April 30.

Meanwhile, State Assembly Speaker John Perez has created an Assembly Select Committee on Campus Climate. Assemblywoman and San Diego State Professor of Africana Studies Shirley D. Weber will chair the committee, which will hold hearings and make recommendations for the California State University, University of California and California Community College systems. I have met recently with Assemblywoman Weber and Assemblywoman and Speaker Pro Tempore Nora Campos (also a member of the select committee) and assured both that we will work cooperatively with them. I am also meeting with other lawmakers, including Assemblyman and SJSU alumnus Paul Fong.

Our own students remain very active, participating in discussions with the California State Student Association and University of California Student Association and calling meetings here on our campus. During King Day festivities at the library, Diana Crumedy and Gary L. Daniels received the 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Award. Daniels is also serving on the special task force. We are proud of their work.

I will continue sending you regular updates on our progress on all of these fronts. Thank you for your patience and support.

Mohammad Qayoumi