University Police Department Goes Green

University Police Department Goes Green

The University Police Department has made a couple cool additions to its fleet of patrol vehicles. Keep an eye out for these new electric motorcycles.

“We purchased these motorcycles for our patrol division because we believe the company and product blends well the university’s strategic vision and it’s a great way to support the local economy,” said UPD Captain Alan Cavallo.

Scotts Valley-based Zero Motorcycles equipped the bikes with police lights and sirens, as well as saddlebags carrying gear and emergency medical equipment.

The bikes look a lot like gas-powered motorcycles, but they’re super quiet and environmentally friendly, reflecting SJSU’s “agility through technology” goal.

The bikes also allow officers to reach every corner of campus quickly, arriving well before officers on foot and squeezing through spaces far too small for a car.

With top speeds of 80 MPH and a range of approximately 112 miles on a single charge, the motorcycles can be used for a full, 12-hour shift.

The bikes are housed and charged in the South Garage, and are out on campus now for routine patrols, special events and emergency calls.