Budget Update

The following can be attributed to San Jose State President Mohammad Qayoumi:

I want to update you on our current-year academic budget and recent reports of possible cuts to spring 2014 course sections.

First, let me be clear: we will restore course sections originally planned for spring 2014.

Although academic programs across the university were on a path to exceed their total budget by the end of the spring 2014 semester, I am fully committed to ensuring that our students have access to the classes they need.

Accordingly, we are taking one-time funds allocated to campus infrastructure and other projects, and redirecting them to academic units. This will allow those units to restore class sections they may otherwise have intended to eliminate.

I am taking this action to help our students continue progressing toward their degrees.

Some of you will remember that SJSU began the 2012-13 fiscal year with a $32 million structural deficit. We elected to eliminate that deficit incrementally over a two-year period. Half of the deficit was eliminated through cuts prior to this fiscal year. The rest was eliminated when voters approved Proposition 30 last November.

The bottom line is, San Jose State began the 2013-14 fiscal year with a balanced budget. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, our budget remains balanced today.  

As a community, we worked diligently to restore financial stability. It wasn’t easy, and I appreciate your stellar efforts.

Units impacted by the redirection of one-time funds will be informed by their vice presidents. Thank you for your patience as we continue working to deliver the services and support our students need and deserve.