Associated Students Launches Voter Registration Campaign

Why Vote? You Fill in the Blank, and Then Register Today!

Why vote? You fill in the blank! Starting next week, Associated Students will be setting up voter registration tables all over campus. Pick up your button, fill out the paperwork or get it done right now with Turbovote (Christina Olivas photo).

By Larry Carr, Associate Vice President of Public Affairs

How easy is it to register to vote in this November’s election? So easy you can do just about everything right now on your smartphone!

TurboVote makes the whole process as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix, plus the service will send text and email reminders so that you don’t miss elections.

You fill out a form online, and then TurboVote mails you a completed vote-by-mail application or registration form along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

This comes at no cost to Spartans, thanks to support from the Associated Students of SJSU and the SJSU Office of Public Affairs.

Register Online or in Person

Or look for the Associated Student tables across campus where you can register, get your button expressing “Why I Vote,” and sign banners with the issues that are important to you.

Volunteers will be available to help from the beginning of the semester until Oct. 22, the last day to register for November’s general election.

Whether you simply think it’s the right thing to do or you want to put an end to the tuition increases that come with SJSU budget cuts, now is the time to take that first step. Register today.