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#SJSU Tweets of the Week, October 15

panoramic photo of Spartan Stadium on a sunny day during the Homecoming Game

@SoniaTyding captured this panoramic photo from the sidelines of Spartan Stadium during the Homecoming Game. Click on the photo for a closer look!

We’ve put together the tweets of the week for Spartans to see a sample of the exciting, funny, interesting and spontaneous conversations on Twitter about SJSU. Take a look at what’s happening on campus by exploring the tweets below!

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@LParada11: Happy Homecoming Week @SJSU #freecookie #freepin #sjsu @ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

@BarnabyDallas: Free tic all over @sjsu campus

@misotina: Dia de los Muertos display @ MLKlibrary. #SJSU #ProudSpartan #culture

@KevinFrandsen: @SJSU @sjsubaseball always out to support my school wherever, whenever

@ReekstheGeeekz: Loving everything about San Jose, the culture, the people, the hiphop scene, and the university. #SanJose #SJSU #SpartanPride #Homecoming

@Martidamus: Honored at the SJSU halftime!

@TsquaredC: #SJSU spartan for life. Win or Lose


@jayycole_: Reping San Jose all day! #SJSU #LittleBrother #Birthday

@lkimura789: Honored that an #sjsu alumni @coastw won the PRSA professional of the year award. Congrats!

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