#SJSU Tweets of the Week, 6/29

By Sarah Kyo, Web Communications Specialist

sidewalk chalk drawing of a bird with a cartoon bubble, "Tweet About Orientation #SJSU"

@chimebreeze took this photo of a chalk drawing on campus. Whether it's orientation or other campus-related topics, you can tweet about San Jose State using the official hashtag #SJSU!

We’ve put together the tweets of the week for Spartans to see the exciting, funny, interesting and spontaneous conversations on Twitter about SJSU. Take a look at what’s happening on campus by exploring the tweets below!

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@fontburger: Week 3 of chalking up campus. Tweet it you tweeters! ‪#sjsu http://instagr.am/p/MULp_hSCWj/

@OMGitsSarahLew: Is excited for my little sister @jayleww to go to ‪#SJSUFrosh @SJSU‪#SJSU orientation today! Missing my OATies

@crissydv: I love my job. ‪#sjsu ‪#oatlife ‪#SJSUfrosh part 2! http://instagr.am/p/MRP8zvj2oi/

@JorgeR690: ‪#sjsufrosh group 1 session 3!! Wooooohooooo!! http://instagr.am/p/MYa5DYgVVm/

@MissLlamas: At orientation and can’t wait to stay the night in the dorms!! ‪#sjsu

@CryssOhh6: that amazing moment when you get hired on the spot !! ‪#sjsu‪#sjsuFrosh ‪#orentation

@terilyntran: Crystal is the BEST orientation leader & being part of group 14 was so memorable. <3 ‪#SJSUFROSH ‪#GROUP14 ‪#COLLEGE

@EricRudawski: Thanks to Brandon Johnston and all the other OL’s for a good two days. Stoked for the fall! ‪#SJSUfrosh

@CaptainRL: Orientation was probably the best way to start my freshman year at ‪#sjsu I had so much fun and met so many different people. ‪#GoSpartans !

@Flaffypanda: The great school spirit.The great diversity of welcoming people.What an environment.I love it here. ‪#SJSUfrosh‪#SPARTANS

Chatter, Photos and More:
@viverssss: Dad never wanted stickers on the truck till I brought this home.

@QueenofRenas: Today was a good day with the UB family. Our trip to San Jose State was worth the time.

@Silentkillar4: Went to go check out @SJSU yesterday and it was pretty dope! I’m really considering going there now. What a great school.

@sooophieso: I was face to face with this squirrel. ‪#SJSU pic.twitter.com/iVkmdSff

@occupymanjose: Chaulk hashtags ‪#sjsufrosh pic.twitter.com/IqQsOOVn

@clawcasta: Gonna be a Peer Advisor at @SJSU starting this Fall semester. I can’t wait to start working again!

@arntr89: Could really use a back massage… ‪#selfcare. (need to sneak into the health center at SJSU & use their massage chair, hehe)

@prttypinkstacks: I need more ‪#sanjosestateuniversity ‪#SJSU followers !

Spartan Pride:

@jennelias6: Spartan Swimmers At Olympic Trials. Good luck to those competing! http://bit.ly/MvW3NA ‪#SJSU

@galinaowens4: Spartan Pride…‪#collegestudent ‪#SJSU http://instagr.am/p/MWCyHtKMiD/

@tinasalacup: I love my prof @SJSU for his advices in my job search! ‪#mentor ‪#vacation ‪#career

@Marco_Henry: It was cool running into fellow @sjsu alum @Sam_Canch randomly today in a San Francisco train. Small world, big network.

@lija: Honored! RT @sjsu Yesterday,we had a great time connecting with ‪#SJSU ‪#Spartans in ‪#SF.Thanks {…} @lija & @MavelousSF for your time!

@Cityboii415: #SJSU ‪#Hoody ‪#ChillinLykaVillain ‪#CollegeBoy ‪#Senior‪#PsychologyMajor ‪#JusticeStudieMinor http://instagr.am/p/MepQ4Wn4Tc/

@SJSpartanSquad: Hey Squad! Help us name the ‪#SJSU Student Section! My vote is “Awesome Sauce.” JK. Don’t vote for that one. http://tinyurl.com/section-name

@Obey_Marieeee: San Jose State is officially my college (:

‏@ricky1899: AS breached http://ow.ly/bTWqb

@LaLuneSucree: @La Lune Sucrée’s Window Painting Contest Winner Chistina Centron time lapse movie, soundtrack by @orangutang ‪#SJSU ‪#SJ http://youtu.be/MKwOq-CMN34

@sjsucareercntr: Our latest blog post: Employer job search tips for students and new grads! http://fb.me/P31BHnJB

@lawrencefansjsu Thanks to everyone for their well wishes on today’s CoSIDA Hall of Fame ceremonies. It should be quite a day.

@WACSports: Congrats to SJSU’s Lawrence Fan @SJSUAthletics @lawrencefansjsu on his induction into the CoSIDA Hall of Fame ‪#CoSIDA12 pic.twitter.com/rZlSBhMc

@ajuarez_thatSID: A great story fit for a great man. @wilnerhotline on @SJSU ‘s Lawrence Fan as he goes into @CoSIDAnews HOF http://bit.ly/LH3NsP

@Mark_T_Rivera: Lawrence now explaining to aaaaallll of CoSIDA about “Fan Cake.” They don’t know what they’re missing #cosida12

@timmbr: What can you say about new CoSIDA Lawrence Fan. Amazing influence on so many in our profession. Congrats my friend! #cosida12

@robbsilverstein: @lawrencefansjsu congrats! Pleasure working with you when I was SJSU manager.

@WIUSID: Congrats to WIU alum @lawrencefansjsu receiving the Arch Award and Hall of Fame induction. #cosida12#onceaLeatherneckalwaysaLeatherneck

@SJSUAthletics: @lawrencefansjsu – Through The Eyes Of A Hall Of Famer: http://bit.ly/NxE5af

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