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#SJSU Tweets of the Week, 4/6

By Ryan Whitchurch, Public Affairs Assistant

trees with green leaves, and two students walking around on campus.

Beautiful shot of the #SJSU campus on a sunny day! Photo taken by @SJSU

#SJSU Tweets of The Week
We’ve put together the tweets of the week for Spartans to see the exciting, funny, interesting, and spontaneous conversations on Twitter about SJSU. Take a look at what’s happening on campus by exploring the tweets below!

Chatter, Photos and More:
@felixwdo: My #design! #yourvoiceyourvote Remember @SJSU #spartans to vote in the upcoming @assjsu election!

@coreylynn_xoxo: Pretty day in San Jose #sjsu

@ashychantel: Tunnel of Oppression #SJSU #AKO #Respect

@ScoobyCHOOOOON: Beautiful day at #SJSU

@calhistorian: @miriamkp Have you seen the monument @ SJSU? #SJSU#SanJose

Spartan Pride:
@CameronSlan: #sjsu #myfuture #cantwait #college #woo

@ASsjsu: Be proud #Spartans! SJSU students are said to be Apple’s primary source of talent according to Business Insider.http://read.bi/H1DmNy @sjsu

@robbsilverstein: @SJSU just bought new sjsu shirt!

@AsherDasher11: “@SJSU: Looks like spring has arrived at #sjsu!http://pic.twitter.com/qpck2LNP” love our campus!

@heatherholdorf: And Here’s The Secret Reason Apple Is Crushing Google… GO@SJSU #sjsugrad

@max_rovo: @Sjsu I’m going to miss FIRE ON THE FOUNTAIN after leaving Sjsu

@miss_chelseaaa: It’s official I’m so excited for the next chapter in my life.#SanJoseBound #SJSU

@SJSUGateways: Faculty Members Showcase Media Integration http://bit.ly/sjsu-nsf-2012 @SJSU

@BetterMenGE: Amazing part of @SJSU history. Yoshihiro Uchida Has Coached Judo for 66 Years at San Jose St.: http://nyti.ms/H8LCMb #spartanpride

@calstate: @csuf, @csulb, @sjsu & @csunorthridge had professors that ranked in Princeton Review’s Best 300 Professors!

@SJSUAthletics: Hall of Fame Spartan Yosh Uchida Turns 92 –http://SJSUSpartans.com – Official Web Site of San Jose State Athletics:

@WGadambomb: can’t wait #SJSU football

@Cihenacho: #FAMILY #SJSU #ThrowbackThursday

@SJSUAthletics: Spartans Adding Women’s Outdoor Track In 2013-14 –http://SJSUSpartans.com

@SJSUAthletics: Read about gymnast Thomasina Wallace on http://NCAA.com

@SJSUAthletics: 66th Annual Western Intercollegiate Golf Tournament is just over a week away. 6 of the top 20 teams will be there.

@jessicaaronis: BEST hashtag ever #SJSU2012grad

@JennElias6: Taking grad photos together again! @marissachloe #SJSU2012grad @ SJSU – Spartan Bookstore

@brendiitaaa23: Woah. Just tripped. April is my last full month in school.#SJSU2012grad this is crazy!!

@ryanwhitchurch: Can’t believe my #SJSU2012grad is coming so soon. Without a doubt my experiences at @SJSU have been the best and most fun times of my life!

@cramos621: 54 more days until I’m a @SJSU graduate #StayFocused

@brendiitaaa23: Health Science #seniors #sjsu #graduation #college #2012 buying our cap and gown!! $#!!+ just got real!!

@RCAdvertising2: 1 month, 22 days until #graduation @SJSU !!!!

@cramos621: Just picked up my cap, gown, and social science tassel. #SJSUGraduate on May 26th

@maria__tortilla: oh hayyyyyyy! #winning #SJSU

@abcdianep: #sjsu #graduating can’t stop won’t stop!

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