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#SJSU Tweets of the Week, 4/26

Swimming pool, with two buildings in background and a ray of sunshine.

With summer quickly approaching, the #SJSU Aquatic Center is a great place to hang out and have some fun! Photo taken by @marjotm.

We’ve put together the tweets of the week for Spartans to see the exciting, funny, interesting, and spontaneous conversations on Twitter about SJSU. Take a look at what’s happening on campus by exploring the tweets below!

Chatter, Photos and More:
@marjotm: Good morning #SJSU #sun #pool #swimhttp://instagr.am/p/JujbVtLy7X/

@InvenSense: Attn @SJSU college students or recent grads: We are hiring a Marketing Intern ASAP! Email us for more info – marketing@invensense.com

@HexagonStaff: Walking through a #labyrinth..actually #traversingliminality and it’s so close to #sjsu . http://instagr.am/p/JxuCv3EQ_f/

@harishvc: #earthday celebrations @SJSU. http://pic.twitter.com/cZCX9f5f

@DavidHef: Nice weather is finally here! #sjsu @sjsuhttp://instagr.am/p/JnsxiJD5Gs/

@SJSUCASA: @SJSU President Qayoumi delivering address.http://pic.twitter.com/kO8q8Nns

@_Hello_Gorgeous: Processing a mock crime scene! #CSI #SJSUhttp://instagr.am/p/Jz7P7ogYLS/

@NinerKing21: SJSU College of Business – where I’ve taken about 95% of my classes. #sjsu #cob @ San Jose State Universityhttp://instagr.am/p/J4lTRovoW7/

@mrfphd: @SJSU @letsmove VOTE for our video!

@combesba: My first boss @UofCincy is now president @SJSU. Congratulations Mohammad Qayoumi on being invested as the 28th president of SJSU!

@ThyraPhan: Fun thing I did this weekend: Went on a scavenger hunt held by MISA at @SJSU. Won second place!

@BetterMenGE: @SJSU Kinesiology 150th reunion  celebration. http://pic.twitter.com/xhZWcuea

@SJSUCASA: Check out @SJSU youtube channel: http://bit.ly/JJamfD

@jplusr10: It still blows my mind that @SJSU has 40 Greek orgs! #greek#fraternity #sorority

@lovegoodbyes: Saw an amazing Shakespeare performance on campus today!@SJSU

@ThyraPhan: Thought this image is fitting: my friend likes to feed the squirrels on campus @SJSU. #Squirrels4Good http://pic.twitter.com/Vab6cmDN

@xoxoshanaa: turkey on rye with hotchocolate and biology. #sjsu #mlkhttp://instagr.am/p/J061LTtujn/

@stephf0716: Go Spartan Racing! #SJSU engineering at its finest! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-oorEUTP-I

Spartan Pride:
@cmedders: A little post-inauguration step show action. Love! #sjsuhttp://twitpic.com/9c2y8e

@_PaulStout: Encouraged by the number of honor students at #sjsu honors ceremony. Wish there @ San Jose State Universityhttp://instagr.am/p/JqR0ZRhF8r/

@nikko_mesina: @SJSU @TowerHall gonna be seeing this place everyday in the fall http://instagr.am/p/JvqL7AGJnC/

@ThyraPhan: Big exciting day for me! Getting inducted into @phikappaphi honor society @SJSU. Proud to be in the top 7.5% of my class 🙂 #nerd

@MandyyMoniquee: Haha dang now I’ll have two cousins and 3 friends from Visalia going to @SJSU . It’s going to be one exciting year 😀

@javeeperez: Just met with my advisor. He put me at ease. 🙂 I Love @SJSU!

@itsmaipage: So proud of my sister! She won again at the Fashion Trashion Show@yoomyee #SJSU http://pic.twitter.com/R4BPBID6

@Marco_Henry: Proud of my grand little bro Peter Lee on getting appointed to the@Assjsu Board of Directors. Only a freshman & already helping lead#SJSU!

@almitasuxx: Perfect day to have orientation #sjsu #sunnyhttp://instagr.am/p/Jp7k4IyZqs/

@stevewes: Just finished transfer orientation to #sjsu, got to shake Bob Rucker’s hand. I’m pretty stoked for the opportunity ahead.

@rhmza: Congratulations indeed Mo, new #SJSU president!

@abc7newsBayArea: Today was inauguration day at @SJSU for its 28th president, or “Dr. Mo” as he’s fondly called. http://bit.ly/IFMWp6 @abc7david reports

@ryokumoto: In California we have earthquakes and meteors! http://bit.ly/I8uioQ #babyboomers#SiliconValley @sjsu

@ryokumoto: The many uses of @Pinterest http://www.naceweb.org/s04252012/pint#MBA#SiliconValley #Babyboomers @sjsu @calstate #Innovation #personalstrategy

@abc7kristensze: cool! @sjsu san jose state univ students succeed in getting minimum wage increase $8 to $10 onto november ballot. http://tinyurl.com/6qdznu6

@AAF14Trophy: Big ups to @Fresno_State, @SJSU, @UCBerkeley, @UNRNews, and@usfca for all their hard work at NSAC. Congrats Berkeley!http://bit.ly/K3ad3j

@aicel_cravespr: @SJSU in Cuba: #Uncensored and #Outspoken So Far.http://bit.ly/IjNK4I @cecysanv @yoanisanchez @Britopian@CristinaOpina @Pitbull Plz share

@ryokumoto: Amazing ICBSC #strategy competition for our (3) @SJSU_LucasGSB#MBA teams-two 1st & one 2nd place! @sjsuhttp://pic.twitter.com/sJlDCqLf

@sofaswain: Hey @espn , ima see you and @Martidamus at @SJSU judo practice. Bout to #dowork @SJSUAthletics

@MADE_in_LODI: Just casted #MyGameDayVote to film a show @SJSU Vote here:

@UIdahoWGolf: Congrats to SJSU on winning the WAC Championship! It was a great three days of golf with #fresno #uh #nevada #sjsu @WACSports
@sjsuathletics: Women’s golf John Dormann with/Coach of the Year Award. http://pic.twitter.com/KpUCauyE#sjsu

@Marco_Henry: Incoming hoop class has a lot of potential! Excited for the season -Twin Towers Signing A 1st For #SJSU @sjsuathletics http://bit.ly/Iq3MKq

@IM_ROMANNNN_: @SJSU im going to miss my mentor @EpitomeofNYC#SJSU2012grad

@carolyngalvante: 30 days until graduation! #classof2012 #SJSU http://instagr.am/p/JxY2fjOSUp/

@brendiitaaa23: Workout complete!! Feels good to get it done bright and early! Now it’s time to get stuff DONE #productive no more #senioritis#SJSU2012grad

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