#SJSU Tweets of the Week, 2/16

By Ryan Whitchurch, Public Affairs Assistant

Students gathered at a basketball game raising thier arms showing the Spartan hand sign.

Spartans showing some unity and pride at a basketball game. Thanks for sharing your photo @vanessadingillo!

#SJSU Tweets of the Week

We’ve put together the tweets of the week for Spartans to see the exciting, funny, interesting, and spontaneous conversations on Twitter about SJSU. Take a look at what’s happening on campus by exploring the tweets below!


@bondawg3: @SJSU Vagina Monologues are this week (Thur-Sat, 16-18) Download a coupon for $3 off presale tickets from bit.ly/sjsuvday #sjsuvday

@popesbeats: Upcoming events @SJSU found here: www.sjsu.edu

@SJSU: How is #SJSU Celebrating Black History Month? Check out the home page! sjsu.edu

@SJSU: #SJSU Hosts “Evening of Inspiration and Courage” on March 8 go.sjsu.edu/evening-of-ins…

@SJSU: Never too soon to start applying! #scholarships #SJSU pic.twitter.com/BP2O95ia

Chatter, Photos and More:

@BetterMenGE: Very happy @SJSU has invested in student safety #keepourcampussafe pic.twitter.com/3Iizcl1v

@jprastrullo: @MoGoBBQ today at @SJSU! Wooo

@longcheng: BFA Class of 2013 redesigning @SJSU. “@drowsing: We Are Sparta logo design. twitpic.com/8ki9sc

@sjdude18: #febphotoday #heart #sjsu instagr.am/p/G_17U2Ltjo/

@SJFamilyShelter: Check the latest new shelter pics, incld pics of murals that will be done by @SJSU grad students! bit.ly/xGbrcy

@PlatinumTim: A #picture of the @SJSU CVB building lit up at night. #awesome pic.twitter.com/vxMsScVx

@JennElias6: @SJSU students gather for Q&A with @espn recruiter Chris Maier. pic.twitter.com/kKUqyHyt

@lovegoodbyes: Just heard some sax by the Student Union George Michael would be proud of! @SJSU #SJSU

@BamzAce: My view from the library #hw #sleepy #niceday #sjsu #nofilter instagr.am/p/G_-u_HsIHI/

@SJSU: @SJSUCareerCntr wall of love. pic.twitter.com/qJyiSWFO


@javeeperez: #IGoToaSchool where the mascot kicks other mascots in the chest and yells “THIS IS SPARTA!” Go @SJSU!

@jprastrullo: #IGoToASchool where I share no regrets, love my peers, and seize every opportunity. I love my school @SJSU.

@carolyngalvante: #IGoToASchool that I ABSOLUTELY love. RT if you love @SJSU & practically live in DBH/@dbandh! #PR #journalism #masscommunication

@MikeAlexandre17: #igotoaschool where the diversity is awesome #SJSU

Spartan Pride:

@mafekarp: @sjsu I was made in the #csu so I #supportthe csu! Go #spartans!

@SamuelYLam: Heading back to hang out at my alma mater today for the SJSU Church Expo. Good to be back at @SJSU. If you see me, holler at me.

@JTDJames: History of American Media with R. Craig is probably the most interesting class I’ve taken at @SJSU. I feel like I’m getting my moneys worth.

@SerdarKempes: @SJSU I love #SJSU because of its huge campus and its great Engineering department.

@kevin3196: @SJSU @sjfamilyshelter Shout out to San Jose!! Spartan Nation!

@JTDJames: Digging my new @SJSU sweatshirt for half off from @Spartan_Bkstore! Lets get a win tonight #SJSU Spartans!


@jprastrullo: By far the most valuable class I’ve taken at @SJSU #socialsjsu – follow along to join the conversation!

@JTDJames: In #socialsjsu social business class at @SJSU skyping with @fancorps from Dallas about how to engage followers. twitpic.com/8khtwq

@jmaltura: Using skills learned from class to tackle sustainability issues at @SJSU via social media #socialSJSU #gogreenSJSU

@eswayne: So cool to see @Britopian helping out my friends at @fancorps – like @gisanders at #socialsjsu! bit.ly/xYZCmL


@openITstrat: Fortune: Profile of @SJSU alum Ron Conway, his Internet investments and how he changed angel & VC investing bit.ly/zJo3cz

@Scandylicious: onforb.es/ydbxZ9 #14 on the list! Go #SJSU!!!!

@SJSU: #SJSU in the News: Professor Shares Outsider Art Expertise go.sjsu.edu/jo-farb-salvat…

@SJSU: #SJSU alert system now mandatory for all students; opt out available shar.es/fNQwu


@JTDJames: Great win for the @SJSU Spartans Mens Basketball team last night! Double OT! Glad I was there in my Squad shirt to cheer us on and see it!

@VanessaDingillo: Forever a SPARTAN @SJSU instagr.am/p/G0UTfxAa63/

@agc41510: @SJSU @SJSUAthletics game! My 2nd bay area college game this week?!?!?! @ SJSU – Event Center instagr.am/p/G5Bh9PH9Wn/

@VanessaDingillo: Sammy the Spartan watching the intense game against FRESNO state @SJSU @SJSUAthletics #GoSPARTANS!!! instagr.am/p/G0T0qYAa62/

@gillee: San Jose State & their plans for the Bill Walsh center. #SJSU #NFL blogs.mercurynews.com/collegesports/…

@Coconutt23: Yeah! it just happened. GG boys! #SJSUinstagr.am/p/G0GsrVLCsx/

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