NBC Bay Area: Wartime Love Lives on Through SJSU Scholarships

NBC Bay Area: After Losing the Love His Life, Widower Funds Nursing Scholarship So Her Spirit Lives On

Red and Dorothy Carson

Posted by NBC Bay Area Sept. 15, 2012

Red and Dorothy Carson’s love was a forbidden one. Not for any religious or cultural reasons, rather for military ones. When the two met, both serving in a station hospital in Iceland during World War II, she was an officer, he was not. It wasn’t enough to keep the San Jose couple apart. In fact, they spent the rest of their lives together, married 64 years until Dorothy’s death in 2010. After her death, Red admits he was in a fog. That is, until one night he woke from a deep sleep with a vision for how to honor her life: with a scholarship at San Jose State University to the nursing program.

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