Animation/Illustration Students Mentor High School Magnet Program

The SJSU students reinforced the notion that hard work trumps talent by sharing their own experiences on the journey from high school through college (image courtesy of Alice Carter).

By Alice Carter, Animation/Illustration Area Coordinator

On April 23, Animation/Illustration program seniors Nic Rudy, Kevin Yang, Erin Schleupner, and Jung-Han Chang visited Mount Pleasant High School in San Jose to offer encouragement to students in Clark Semple’s Animation Magnet Program. For almost two decades, Animation/Illustration has partnered with Mr. Semple to help students enter the screen arts industry by taking advantage of affordable local educational opportunities at the high school, community college, and university level. Mr. Semple recently expanded his curriculum to include concept art and storyboarding, disciplines which involve skill in painting and drawing. Recognizing that the purchase of traditional art supplies was not in the budget, Mr. Semple invited SJSU Animation/Illustration majors to mentor his students in digital techniques. During their visit, the SJSU students explained their working process and reinforced the notion that hard work trumps talent by sharing their own experiences on the journey from high school through college. The SJSU students plan to return to Mount Pleasant for another in-depth presentation as the high school students prepare for this new addition to their program.

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