Female student completing a questionaire.

Strengths Brown Bag Lunch Series: Strengths + Academics = Graduation

Female student completing a questionaire.

A focus on strengths is a path to excellence.

Date: September 14, 2011

Time: noon

Location: Clark 100H

Summary: Imagine a world where you get to build on your talents to do what you do best; a world where how you think, feel and behave is not only accepted but valued. The Strengths-based Learning Team, comprised of faculty, administrators, staff, and students, is working to create just such an environment here at San Jose State University. Too often students (and just about everyone else) are led to believe that the best path to success in any endeavor is to spend most of their time working on their weaknesses.  The best — in any field — don’t do that. A focus on strengths is a path to excellence. This fall, the team will introduce a series of brown bag discussions with the goal of expanding the reach of this very successful program. The first session, “Strengths + Academics = Graduation,” will ask: “What do you excel in? Do you think it has nothing to do with school? WRONG!!! This session will show you how to use your strengths in the academic setting. We will discuss how to develop your talents and how to find creative techniques that can be applied to studying, writing, group projects, and even test taking.” Learn more about Strengths-based Learning at SJSU.