Bookstore workers examine SJSU logo attire.

Spartan Shops / Barnes & Noble Deal Benefits Students, Faculty and Staff

Bookstore workers examine SJSU logo attire.

Spartan Bookstore student workers check out new merchandise, one of many changes to the shop now under Barnes & Noble management (photo courtesy of Spartan Shops).

By Amanda Holst, Public Affairs Assistant

Spartan Shops recently signed a 10-year contract with Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, resulting in changes this fall to the Spartan Bookstore.

A wider range of products, new styles of merchandise, aggressive rental program, enhanced book adoption program, and bigger discounts for students, faculty, and staff rank as the top five improvements, according to bookstore employee and junior criminal justice major Zeke Wheeler.

“Come in and see for yourself — it’s a completely different store that has changed for the better,” Wheeler said.

How can students prepare for the fall semester?

“The best thing you can do is go onto our website and print out your book list,” said bookstore employee and senior nutrition science major Aimee Thomas. “This will show us the picture of the book, the price and rental information.”

Bookstore Director Ryland Metzinger says their goals are simple.

“Our mission is simply to provide exceptional customer service to SJSU staff faculty and students, to sell as many used books as possible, and really just to bring about new resources and services to the Spartan Bookstore,” Metzinger said.

Metzinger talked to SJSU Today about what students, faculty, staff and the public can expect from the Spartan Bookstore. The following was edited for length and clarity.

SJSU Today: How will students benefit from the Spartan Bookstore?

Ryland Metzinger, Barnes & Noble: We are going to be taking five percent off of all textbooks at the point of sale. We are also going to be selling a lot of books digitally. We just got the B & N Nook in, which is a hand-held reading device that is essentially a digital book. It’s a cheaper alternative than buying regular textbooks. Our aggressive textbook rental program will allow students to save over 50 percent on all their books. We also brought in a new point-of-sale system, which means that the lines are going to move much quickly.

SJSU: How will faculty and staff benefit?

B&N: It will be easier for faculty members to decide what books to adopt. We have a website called the Faculty Center Network where faculty members can explore different books to adopt and see what faculty members in other colleges are using. We’ll be able to provide them easier ways to submit book adoptions. We will also be handing out 10 percent discount cards good for faculty and staff at the Stevens Creek Barnes & Noble store.

SJSU: How will the Spartan Bookstore benefit the public?

B&N: We are open to suggestions and we want to provide books and products that people want. We are working with the Center for Literary Arts here on campus to arrange a number of author signings. The Stevens Creek Barnes & Noble have offered very generously to host faculty author signings there and they will coordinate events here.