Still image from "Super Hero Party Clown" film.

SJSU to Play Leading Role in Cinequest

Here’s a rundown of SJSU’s role in Cinequest, the world-renowned independent film festival beginning March 1 in downtown San Jose. Tickets are on sale now.

“Super Hero Party Clown” is a feature length film written and directed by student Jeremy M. Inman and produced by the faculty and students at Spartan Film Studios, within the Department of TV, Radio, Film and Theatre.

“Cheap Fun,” written and directed by student Zach Sutherland and produced by Spartan Film Studios, will be showcased at Cinequest’s rough cut forum, where the audience provides feedback on flicks in the making.

“Jimbo,” directed by Daniel Maggio, and “No Robots,” directed by Yung-Han Chang and Kimberly Knoll, were selected for Cinequest’s student short film competition.

“Enrique Wrecks the World” is an animated short directed by Assistant Professor of Animation/Illustration David Chai and produced by his students.

Chai and his students also directed Cinequest’s official trailer, which will be screened before each film.

“We’re all looking forward to the festival!” he said.

You too? Need the schedule? Look no further than your cell phone.

Cinequest Blackberry, iPhone and Android apps were developed by Professor Cay Horstmann, Associate Professor Christopher Pollett and their computer science students. The iPhone app was developed last year by Loc Phan, Harold Lee and Andrew Yee. The Android app was developed this year by Prabh Ghuman, Chao-Hsin Shih and Jeffrey Rhodes.

Curious about the business side of things? SJSU will host three forums in Hugh Gillis Hall: The Biz of Art: Development, The Biz of Art: Sales & Distribution, and Day of the Writer.

For more info, including an interview with Inman, check out the Cinequest website and blog.

You can also learn about the SJSU alumni/Cinequest connection in the SJSU Alumni Association Guide to Cinequest.