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Transfer Students, Apply Now Through Aug. 31 for Spring 2012

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Transfer students are welcome to apply now through August 31 for spring 2012 admissions.

San Jose State University is accepting applications from upper division domestic and international transfer students (students with 60 or more transferable semester units and the four basic skills completed) beginning on August 1 through August 31, 2011. Students should be aware that not all programs will be available for Spring 2012.

IMPORTANT! To be considered for Spring 2012 admission, SJSU requires that upper division transfer applicants complete the minimum CSU transfer requirements (60 transferable units and the four basic skills) by the end of the Summer 2011 term. This condition has been posted on info.sjsu.edu and will be strictly enforced for Spring 2012. Adhering to this requirement allows new transfers earlier access to course registration during the shorter Spring admission, advising and registration cycle.

The same impaction policies enforced in Fall 2011 will be applied for Spring 2012—qualified applicants will be ranked according to self-reported information provided on their CSUMentor application and admitted according to the capacity of the individual SJSU major. CSU eligible, local students (Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties) who do not get admitted to their first-choice major will be admitted as undeclared. CSU eligible non-local students who do not get admitted to their first choice major will be admitted as undeclared up to the university capacity level.

San Jose State University is not accepting Spring 2012 applications from first-time freshmen, lower division transfers, or those seeking a second bachelor’s degree.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are term-specific which means that SJSU will not defer or roll forward applications or admission from term to term. To guarantee review for Fall 2012 admission, apply between October 1, 2011 and November 30, 2011 (a very simple process if you have already filled out an application for spring admission).

Graduate and Special Session Programs for Spring 2012:

SJSU will accept applications for most regular and special session (self-support) professional, graduate level programs offered in Spring 2012. Check the GAPE website for a listing of available programs and specific application and document deadlines. Check the GAPE website in mid-September for a listing of available programs and specific application and document deadlines for the Fall 2012 application cycle.

The first and best place for all applicants to stay informed is via their MySJSU account. To ensure that they remain eligible for consideration, applicants must monitor their MySJSU accounts at LEAST twice weekly and comply with all deadlines from now through January 2012.

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