Sixth U.S.-Japan Future Forum: Dentists, Soldiers, and History

Dr. Masatsune Ichinoi

Date: September 23, 2011

Time: 2 p.m.

Location: Washington Square Hall 109

Summary: We are pleased to announce that Kagoshima University will hold “The Sixth U.S.-Japan Future Forum” to discuss the evolving relationship between the US and Japan and our shared goal of a prosperous future.

This year is the 100th anniversary of Dr. Daniel Van Denburgh’s death. He was a famous dentist in San Francisco and the master of three Japanese dentists: Dr. Kisai Takayama, Dr. Atsuhiko Katayama, and Dr. Masatsune Ichinoi.

Dr. Ichinoi, who lived in Los Gatos from 1884-1888, shared an interlocking history with Dr. Van Denburgh. Both had fought in their respective country’s civil wars, Dr. Van Denburgh working as an army doctor during the U.S. Civil War and Dr. Ichinoi, in 1877, enlisting in the Seinan War, the Japanese Civil War, as the youngest last samurai. Upon arriving in the United States, Dr. Ichinoi worked for Dr. Van Denburgh while Ichinoi was a student of San Jose Normal School. Their mutual interest in agriculture led to the exchange of a number of trees and plants between the United States and Japan, which furthered the development of agriculture and industry in both countries.

To share their historical perspectives on this exciting time in U.S.-Japanese relations, we have invited the Consul General of Japan in San Francisco, and professors from American and Japanese universities.

Students will also be presenting talks on the issues of healthcare, the environment, education, the economy, global food shortages and conflicts, etc.

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