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Following $650 Million Budget Cut, CSU Trustees Approve Additional Tuition Increase

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"We will focus on serving our current students by offering as many classes and course sections as possible," Chancellor Reed said.

By Pat Lopes Harris, Media Relations Director

SJSU basic registration fees for full-time undergrads will rise to $3,414 from $3,120 for fall 2011, the result of a tuition bump California State University trustees approved today.

Fall 2011 basic registration fees include $2,736 in tuition used for instruction and $280 in campus-based fees for services such as the Student Union and Student Health Center. Read more on the SJSU busar’s website.

One-third of the revenue from the tuition increase will be allocated for financial aid, and an estimated 170,000 needy students–almost half of all CSU undergraduates–will be fully covered for the tuition increase thanks to this provision and other grants and fee waivers.

In addition, many students and families not fully covered by financial aid will benefit from federal tax credits available for family incomes of up to $180,000.

“The enormous reduction to our state funding has left us with no other choice if we are to maintain quality and access to the CSU,” said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. The CSU depends on just two major revenue streams, tuition and state funding.

Funding from the tuition increase will be prioritized on the classroom so that campuses can continue to offer needed courses and sections. Conservative planning has left SJSU in good shape to weather the latest round of cuts without reducing services to students.

Read a CSU news release.