Concept art by student Aidan Sugano submitted for DreamCrits. Shows cat in full color plus black-and-white sketches.

Student Aidan Sugano submitted this artwork for DreamCrits.


By Alice Carter  

DreamWorks Animation has once again partnered with SJSU Animation/Illustration to launch a new educational initiative. Through “DreamCrits,” professionals critique student work.  

“Professional intervention is crucial for student success,” said Professor Courtney Granner, who coordinates the initiative. “We are very grateful to Marilyn Friedman, DreamWorks head of outreach, as well as Outreach Supervisor Tiffany Feeney for making this unique program a reality.”  

DreamCrits is a bi-monthly professional lecture and review of student work for CSU students attending San Jose State, San Francisco State, Cal State Northridge, and Cal State Fullerton. SJSU and San Francisco State students meet at DreamWorks’ Redwood City campus, while students at the two Southern California campuses gather at DreamWorks in Glendale.  

The entire group is then connected through a proprietary video wall (no photos allowed) that replicates a single, large room with each group occupying opposite sides of a conference table. Artists and animators from both DreamWorks sites lead critiques of student work. The program was launched during the fall semester will continue through the spring. #

Professor Alice Carter heads SJSU’s Animation/Illustration program.