Lecturer Morris Jones, wearing a blue-collared shirt and black slacks, uses gestures during his general engineering class, Green Electronics. Photo by Elena Polanco.

Best of SJSU: Engineering Lecturer Has a Student Following

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Thanks to all who participated in our Facebook "Best of SJSU" series!

By Sarah Kyo, Public Affairs Assistant

When SJSU recently asked students on Facebook about the best SJSU classes, engineering lecturer Morris Jones’ name popped up multiple times.

What also popped up in the comment of Ram Kumar, an electrical engineering graduate student, was a student-created Facebook fan page for Jones. “Share what you like about him and those jokes he makes in classes that you remember!” said the info section of the fan page.

Kumar said Jones keeps students interested and engaged by cracking jokes during class.

“My goal is to have enthusiasm,” Jones said. “The professor shouldn’t be there on the verge of death.”

Jones said he wants his students to really know the material because “one day it’ll be really important.” Jones, who came to SJSU from Intel, said he tries to challenge students in order to prepare them for their future job interviews and careers, not just to pass his class. That’s why his exams are closed book, he uses multiple versions of a test, and he switches the class seating periodically.

Kumar said Jones brings ample experience into the classroom and is “the one-stop source students run to for advising their projects.”

“He is very passionate in what he does,” Kumar said. “He is very dedicated and helpful to students. That is why you always see him surrounded by lot of students all the time.”

Besides advising student projects, this semester Jones teaches a graduate-level electrical engineering course and a new upper division SJSU Studies course called Green Electronics. According to the SJSU catalog, this general engineering class focuses on “scientific principles underlying electronic and computer devices for non-engineers,” including energy efficiency and electricity consumption.

Joe Monzel, a senior anthropology student who is taking Green Electronics, described Jones as “very light-hearted and casual.” He also said it’s good that the class encourages students to think about how much energy they use.