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Best of SJSU: Best Place to Study on Campus

By: Ryan Whitchurch, Public Affairs Assistant

Photo of the university side entrance of the Martin Luther King Library with students entering and exiting the building.

The MLK library was voted SJSU's best place to study. (Photo by @may_ville via Twitter)

Looking for a place to study for finals? Last week we asked SJSU’s nearly 13,000 Facebook fans “Where’s the best place to study on campus?” About 35 Spartans posted tips including Kyle Chak, who said his favorite place to go is in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

“The top most floor of the SJSU King library is my place to study because I want some quiet time in addition to studying on campus,” Chak said.

Many Spartans like the mixture of studying environments the library provides on its different floors. Some said the quieter sixth, seventh, and eighth floors helped them focus; while others preferred the background noise of the lower levels to get their studies done.

“I loved to sit in the Library on 7th floor by the window overlooking 4th street and then going to La Vic to eat Chicken Quesadilla at night,” said alumnus Nikhil Paul.

And while many students will head over to King Library this week, others like Diana Barrientos prefer a different option during finals.

“Most definitely the Computer Services Center inside the Associated Students because everything you need is accessible from here: scanning, printers, computers, desk, HELP & FOOD,” Barrientos said.

The Student Union, Clark Hall, SJSU Newman Center and various classrooms around campus were also included as good options. You can see the full thread with Spartan recommendations on the SJSU Facebook post.

Thanks to all those who participated, and best of luck with finals. Go SJSU!

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